What the devs do with all the criticism and feedback?

Edit: Custom Options = I agree completely

In my opinion, you have far too high expectations here too. There is no guarantee that we will get a similarly ambitious modding community as for the Firaxis XCom’s. And even there, in my experience, are innumerable rather useless mods and only a few really outstanding “masterpieces”.

Edit: Again, only modding:
Well, because maybe it is not longer a target?
The interview with JG destroyed a lot of my hopes in this direction. He more or less declared that this is only very hard to achieve and for this not a real “target” to go (free interpreted in my words).

edit: Where is this commented on by Devs? Why doesn’t CC raise/lead the question?

Nowhere, at least not official.
Edit: To be more precise, I don’t know that they ever commented on it, but I haven’t read everything here in the forum or Canny either.

AFAIK they raised it, at least @MichaelIgnotus should bring that on the table constantly, it is one of his most wanted wishes, again AFAIK. :wink:

Officially supporting modding when you have MS Store, Epic, GOG, Consoles, Steam all as supported platforms is a nightmare, even AAA money can struggle with that, and so far SG didn’t had that (who knows if them being bought changed much for that), and if the game is not easily moddable in the state right now, making it that is even harder.

Great Modders will still do what they can, possibly delivering awesome stuff, but that depends if they enjoy the game enough to spend time on that, which is a gamble like every other “someone will do it for free” wish.


I think you have far too high expectations of the CC too. We are only an advisory body. Many of us have been calling for Mod support (and Second Wave Options) since we joined the Council, and we’re as disappointed as the next guy to hear that PP can’t easily support Modding - but it’s not like we can force Snapshot into doing something that they either can’t or don’t want to do.

AFAIK, Snapshot originally intended to have Mod support, but have since discovered that the engine they’re using to build PP with isn’t easily compatible with Steam Workshop.

Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know.

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@Valygar, this is where a Good Answer is needed.

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Found a feedback post on canny and at least Vid Barta from SG is active there and merged similar posts in.
So vote it up, maybe it will become more important for SG when it has plenty of votes (honestly, 66 is not really much, top posts have over 300):

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To the OP:

You can’t please everyone. No matter what approach you take some are going to feel that they are not listened to.

End of the day, we have the Canny site for suggesting changes. Even having that alone is completely unheard of in games dev full stop. They could have released the game as is and left it at that, but instead have been constantly working on improving the game, and we have a FAR better game today then what was initially released.

All criticism and feedback is taken on board (from the impressions I’ve had judging of the forums here, responses by the forum mods etc).

However saying that there is deception of any kind though, is acting a little entitled. Games been in a great state for the past 12 months. There is PLENTY of other games out there if you don’t like the game.


If they wanted to close the studio, they should have done just that. There was no option / resources for another game. (I’m not talking about shame on the name JG)

I don’t exactly feel, the urge to explain the key issues / points.
For example:

Canny and CC with the assistance of Modding

@noStas I’ve read a lot for your comments everywhere and I’m impressed that you and the main posters here have been able to stay civil.

But I think you consistently ignore the point that you’ve put CC and SG on such high pedestals that are simply out of touch with reality.

They’re a small studio trying to make an ambitious game and your fervor and love of the game is amazing, but it’s tiring reading your same comments everywhere about somehow hoping the devs will suddenly switch around and decide to do things exactly as you’re hoping and reach the godlike status you’re hinting they totally could be.

The game and the studio are unlikely to ever meet your expectations, and I think if you can’t enjoy the game as it is (bugs and all), then I’m really sorry but maybe it’s time to move on. You pour so much effort into your posts that it must be frustrating to not feel heard, but I think people have responded yet you just can’t accept it is what it is.

Sorry buddy - at the end of the day a game can’t please everyone (I’ve had my share of disappointing games too).


The goal is always above the possibilities. Without this, there is no development.

You still don’t get my main point and this is my problem. But once again, almost all problems are from misunderstanding. This means that both sides did not give an explanation to each other (the episode with the EGS and the current silence, become an internal rule of the SG).

For comparison, max Toxic - Cyberpunk 2077
1/4 of the players are dissatisfied Cyberpunk_2077

The bad way is the choice of the SG. I don’t have the strength to change it, but SG has the strength to explain it. When you try to explain something, you better understand Your position. This makes it possible to better work on Your mistakes.

I do get your point but we’re going to go into circular argument since the point I raised has been raised multiple times by other posters here, but you’re just not seeing it that way.

However you are entitled to stick to your point of view in spite of what everyone else says, so good luck man.

Peace out and I hope you are able to find some closure eventually.

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You “push” me into:
This forum is filled with Silent Men (in read-only mode). They wrote (over a year ago) their constructive proposals, which remained unanswered / ignored. Also, there is another category that Try with every DLC / major patch and then drop it until next time. And this is the Active and Smart / Constructive part of the Community, just Ignored by the Developers.
And that’s just a +1 disadvantage that can be turned into a virtue.

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@Valygar, I will duplicate here for convenience.

Two most important tracks for PP
Feedback on Phoenix Point as a XCOM Veteran - #21 by noStas
[Feedback][Spoiler] Goodbye Phoenix Point - #67 by noStas

I don’t have the skill to collect and group it all into one post.

I believe they are growing with money influx of Epic time and Steam release and being purchased by another big studio. Its no longer indie - kickstarter backed game.

I find @noStas feedback very relevant, but highly unlikely devs will turn the coin at this stage in big and deep changes, I expect bugfixes, balancing and some new DLC content.

But I do hope many of good ideas can be saved and done in PP2. Game deserves a series, and I hope it already is a financial success. At some point most of bugs will be fixed, DLC adding will be source of revenue and not so demanding for programmers, so development of PP2 could begin, based on most interesting player and community proposals. That would be right thing to do. Like Photoshop new version should be done based on innovation in field, but also in users feedback and requested tools.

One is comparing applies with oranges (or tomatoes - as it is also a fruit).

  1. These are 2 different genres where players have completely different expectations.

  2. The numbers of the player base between the two skew the percentages.

  3. Cyberpunk 2077 was in development for close to 9 years. They also spent close to $313 million in development. While SG’s costs were just over $1 million. PP’s development.time 3.75 years.

Find us more comparable fruit to help build your merry-go-round quest.

According to https://steamdb.info/

PP 1,615 reviews 73.56% positive
CP 366,168 reviews 78.21% postive

Just under 5% difference between the two. When looking at the total numbers, there really isn’t much difference. Especially when one considers the huge difference between the number of reviews between the two.

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This example was not about game rating (PP, CP). It was about the attitude of people to specific examples (1/3 and 1/4 of the negative flow from the total).

It wasn’t addressed to you.

And what percentage of the PP negatives are not about the game itself, but the Epic exclusive that yanked the rug out from under some folks’ feet? And as I pointed out The large number of Cyberpunk players/voters vs. the smaller pool of PP players/voters will certainly skew the percentages. You also ignore the other factors I mentioned that can skew the percentages.

I knew that there is no convincing you, as it appears that you are trolling us with the same stance over and over again. The only things that change are your argumentation in an attempt to keep the merry-go-round spinning. It’s amusing at least, if not boring.