What soldier stats will be there?

Hope most of LS ones …

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From those above all could be fine, but I suppose there will be only those:

  • Weapon skill/Accuracy (for better aiming/lesser cone of fire)
  • Strength (for more encumbrance and maybe negating aim penalty with heavier weapons)
  • Constitution (for more HP and maybe some resistance to some kind of enemy fire or resistance to virus infection)
  • Will (for more Willpower and maybe psionic resistance)
  • Perception (for better spotting enemies in mist or for longer range especially in night)

And all will have modifiers from class skills:

  • sniper gets bonus with sniper rifle and maybe handgun to accuracy, and will bonus for special action
  • heavy gets aim bonus to machinge gun and some bonus to strength, maybe constitution to resist more fire
  • assault gets bonus to perception etc…

Last thing I heard from some interview they mentioned that there are 3 or 4 attributes and they don’t know if there will be more of them. :confused:

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Just for comparison, these are 1994 soldier stats.


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I’d prefer it if it were the other way around; the core stats of each soldier being presented to the player, who could then assign them to a role based upon those stats.


Maybe it will be like that. But I suppose that skills will also modify them in specific situations


Throwing accuracy seems a bit redundant. Most people have moderate accuracy, within a short distance from the target. Throwing distance however, would be based on strength/skill.

Health bonuses are always a bit odd, but necessary as a gameplay device. No human becomes more resistant to bullets, the more experience they have in battle.


Oh I don’t know… :wink:


still a better throw than I’d make


No, I would love to have a difference in soldiers such one is a better granadier - throws further.
Keeping various stats makes better difference in progression then classic RPG influenced XP based leveling in classes (even here it is XP based leveling up). A bit of problem was we had no control over distribution in LS/Xcom 1994 and that could change.


If I were to pitch a base ball, I’m quite sure I could get it somewhere near the plate, if not over it, and I am nowhere near a professional. A professional could pitch it over the plate, within inches of where they wanted it.

If it was a grenade, the outcome would still be the same, and the batter would be dead.

However, if I were on home base and tried to throw to the outfield, my strength and skill would make it nearly impossible for me to make an accurate attempt, where the professionals would be able to make it look easy.

Granted, on a tile based game, there may be a little drift from the intended target on short grenade lobs, but it probably wouldn’t be enough to miss.

Mind you, as a gameplay mechanic, grenades are powerful tools to change the battlefield, and so limiting the effectiveness to specialists would be interesting.

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As a baseball player, I can tell you that good technique is very important when throwing precise shots over more then 10-20m. Strength is important too, but I seen more build up teammates who could not throw as far as I did. Or precise.

Also for stats, I hope will be more then resist psychic attack, or current function of action points.
Maybe immunity to developing phobias, less prone to panic, stronger psy-powers, etc.

And I agree that when soldiers class depends on his loadout its much more interesting then being forced into certain role. But there can be problems relating to perks/skills acquisition

Cohesion, intelligence (xp, learning rate of perks etc) and perception (ability to notice enemy tracks, items, hidden objects)
Would be interesting too, but maybe bit harder to implement/balance.