Soldier customization

I’m not a fan of the current soldier customization - too much choice is taken away from me. It is probably too late to change the code, but I’ve been thinking alot about how customization probably should have worked;

  1. No more +/- to adjust skills. If you want a soldier to improve in a skill then you have to use it. You want a faster soldier - then you had better be running that soldier all over the place. The more he runs around a map - the more his skill will increase. You want to improve his strength - have him carry stuff, climb, and bash. That soldiers attributes will increase according to how you use the soldier.
  2. Same for some of the added skills - quarterback? Really? How about we just add range to soldiers who throw more?
  3. Even weapon proficiencies should work like this. Let any soldier pick up an assault rifle - then the more they use it let the accuracy and damage improve. Don’t make it a magic skill that can be selected by random units. If my soldier takes only easy shots, then his skill goes up slowly - if my soldier takes alot of lower probability shot, then his skill should increase faster.
  4. Speaking of these random skills - ditch that too. Let me choose from whatever skill I want. However - skills could have some minimum stats to be eligible for. For example; Dash should require a minimum speed of, say 16 and a max encumbrance of 75% to execute it. Or boom blast could require a certain proficiency level achieved for grenades and launchers.

The fun of a strategy game is giving players choices. It seems that every ‘upgrade’ Phoenix Point does reduces, instead of increases, our choices.
I know that this particular suggestion would require alot off coding, so is probably unreasonable to request, but I would ask that future changes made to this game keep in mind that CHOICES are what makes it fun. Instead of nerfing OP choices - consider buffing others.
And bear in mind - the EASY game should be just that - a goddam walk in the park! Resources pouring out of my ass and Pandorans wilting like delicate flowers. Hard should be just that - I should be starving, broke, and bruised if I make just one false move. Currently the game is not flowing like that.


I would vote for that. The current system is a little boring.

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Not a fan of “use skill to improve it”. Never was. Wouldn’t introduce anything interesting, just made you play tediously. See Bethesda games where you jump all the time to max athletic skill. Silly.

I wouldn’t oppose to a more complex universal feat system, with certain ones being tied to stats - but for one we would need more stats and the whole system would need to be overhauled. Completely. The game finally seems to be coming together. Gutting it to vary things up would be a foolish thing to do.


Similar to how the original UFO Enemy Unknown was.


I appreciate looking at the system to improve it but this would be a complete overhaul :confused:

Also the random stats, while not perfect; do work. They give each soldier his own merit (well if they have usefull skills anyway :stuck_out_tongue: )

I think it this would be implemented the following would happen: People would find a broken or OP build and just bring soldiers with only that. Variety completly thrown out of the window for ‘meta’.

you mean like how Heavy units are now - except instead of OP they have just been nerfed to the point of no longer actually being heavies.

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I don’t know what you mean. I love my heavy, and I haven’t encouter bigger enemies yet, against which they shine.