Solder mods/abilities

To make the game more realistic as to real world humans and not the DnD type of world were you can pick and choose which skill/ability/attribute you want to enhance.

For example, I know this is not PC but there are differences in male vs female strength unless say a certain armor type was developed/discovered. Same with speed. Almost all soldiers would either max out on either strength or speed and the rarest one would be at the top on both, (basically the soldier is a world class athlete)

A person can train and train and train but the average person will never be able to really sprint/run that much faster, they may be able to sprint more often but not faster. Same with strength. Strength should be a gradual training increase but there would be an upper limit. The Gym Rat abliity would increase that soldier’s speed/strength stat gain.

Training would also increase marksmanship. Marksmanship can be improved. Experience and training in bases would improve this as also proficiency with weapons. I find it a little hard to believe a soldier would fumble with a pistol if they are employed as the squad’s heavy gunner/mortar/grenadier. However, with different faction tech weapons that’s understandable. But the percentage of fumbling would decrease the more often the person chooses that weapon. ie learning through repetition.

As Grenadiers gain experience they could bounce grenades off objects and essentially around corners and double shot. Gained with experience.

As Snipers gain experience would gain snap shot something like being able to fire as fast as a pistol but with the pistol’s accuracy. Accuracy would be improved at base training/experience.

As Trooper/Assault gain experience they gain rapid targeting and are allowed a three round burst after the first successful shot. (for example: Target 1: six rounds - hit, Rapid Targeting -player once again selects a second shot this time three rounds burst. Also give them Reaction shot, where if something comes around a corner (four squares) they automatically take a three round shot at the target.

As a medic gains experience they would be able to heal/repair at a greater rate and that would be tied to will. If a teammate dies in a battle that medic’s will is halved and slowly regained. Base training could increase.

All Will power would be increased by experience and soldier’s personal kill count. But also could be shattered by severe injury (limb disabled) or death of teammate. (max level half of original) Will could also be boosted by successful missions with little injury and or large reward/loot collection.

Artillery / fire would negatively affect that soldier’s will.

Eh somethings to think about. Thanks.

Pretty good game so far.


Everyone tries to add his own coin in that magical balance of bugs!:slight_smile: I suppose, we should let developers finish stable version of gameplay - mostly in tecnical plane, but also in global strategy lines too. I mean things like bases position on globe, or battle spawn generations (AI, and mutation combining). Only after that we will get a bit of understanding what a tactical gameplay (like perks) should we have.

I wasn’t implying they (game devs) should scrap everything they have done or alter their timeline. You read too much into my post.

They were suggestions to be considered in the future to keep game characters more dynamic and true to life instead of the typical, 50 points and choose how to distribute them, and keep a player from using a favorite set of PP Soldiers from beginning to end without any sort of benefit or negative impact.

They were just suggestions, as I mentioned in my original post.

What you are suggesting sounds a bit like a system from original X-com. In fact I’ve always preferred X-com approach more than PP’s skill-based system. It was more natural and didn’t create supersoldiers over time. So 100% agree with your post.


We obviously play very different games. By the time I went to Cydonia I had an Avenger full of super soldiers. Max TP, HP, high reactions, high throwing skill and accuracy. ‘Training’, as it were, was really easy to exploit in those games, especially once you could MC aliens. Eventually the only thing stopping you from having super soldiers was time.

I don’t like PP’s skills in as much as I don’t like skills that just give flat damage increases. So most of the secondary skills. If you’re going to give us a random chance of getting a skill that actually increases a weapon type that particular soldier uses, you are artificially limiting our ability to min/max. Make damage increase based on character level. Not by much, just an extra 1-2 damage by level 7 or something. Leave skills for adding actual skills. This of course would require them to add in a whole host of new skills, but it would make for better gameplay decisions.

In X-Com to have such soldiers, Avenger or mind control technology you had to play for a long, long time and complete many, many missions, so I don’t think we talk about different games. In XCOM or PP skills are obtained much quicker, therefore that feeling of soldiers’ progress is more overwhelming and don’t feel as much rewarding (if at all). Besides, when you were playing in OG you didn’t need to focus so much on attributes as on skills in newer games - you could focus on tactics and weapons, not on using specific skills of specific soldiers in specific time…

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