Customize soldiers (stats/skills/starting class)

Was just thinking, I know that the randomness of solider is part of the difficulty of the game but I think having a mode to allow you to preset your soldier classes, stats and skills might be a good addition.

This might enable further custom gameplay challenges and stuff :slight_smile:


Some, if not all of this is already in place. You can Dual Class your soldiers to fit whatever roles you want them to be. Granted, you have to get to Mid level with them. But a little playing, or Base Training soon finds them there.


I guess he’s talking about perks, that’s the random part.

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Yeah that. Also, something like having set your soldiers starting classes. Goes like you can have all snipers just to add some gameplay challenges and whatnot. Just a thought :grinning:

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I suggested this feature as part of creating a Stable of Recruits to draw from. Similar to that other game this is like.

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