What is the Phoenix Project's "gimmick?"

One of the cool things about Phoenix Point is that its three known factions each have their own distinct identity composed of their ideology and a matching aesthetic.

NEW JERICHO is very straightforward. Their goal is to eradicate the Pandora Virus’ spawn, and the virus itself if possible. They are obsessed with the purity of humans and with taking Earth back. And their approach can be summed up as “shoot all the crab people in the ****ing face until they stop moving.”

Accordingly, their aesthetic tends towards the gritty and militaristic, the dour and functional.

Their signature technologies are power armour and cybernetics.

SYNEDRION is a curious one. They are focused towards science and learning, and other such “high” concepts. Rather than attempt to eliminate the Pandora virus and its spawn, they seek cohabitation. They make coexistence and adaptation with the new world an integral part of their ideology. Additionally, they have a strong utopian bent - they are very serious about having a free and equal society. In fact, they go so far as to be outright anarchic, decrying private property and hierarchical power structures as an evil to be avoided.

I haven’t seen concept art of Synedrion, but I expect them to have a sort of “golden future” look to them. Their technology - even military technology - will have a sort of sleek, stylized, vaguely Star-Trek-like appearance. Think “crystal spires and togas.” They’re the “hippy” faction, largely focused on quality of life for their own people.

Their signature technologies (AFAIK) are energy weapons and stealth suits.

The DISCIPLES OF ANU are my personal favourite. They seek to overcome the madness by embracing it. They seek to counter the mutation by weaponizing it. In addition to their “embrace the mutation” aspect, they have a lot of cultiness in their makeup. Indeed, almost their entire ideology and mission stems from an alleged higher power that is said to have actually performed miracles. Indeed, in one of the briefings it forms the Disciples out of three rival cults by grabbing their three leaders, melting them, and smushing them together into a new entity. Basically, they’re lovecraftian cultists, except they seem to have a point.

Aesthetics-wise, they tend towards one of two things: creepy looking robes and masks befitting of cultists, or lovecraftian mutations a stone’s throw away from the crabmen and other wild products of the Pandora virus. Ironically, despite their forward-looking spiel, their appearance is the most primitive.

Their signature “technology” takes the form of the Pandora virus’ mutations, turned towards specific aims. Their soldiers gain beneficial mutations while still retaining their sanity. They also make use of mutated creatures such as the mutant dogs seen in concept art. If psionics exist in this setting, I would expect the Disciples to have it.

And this brings me full circle to the question I want to ask. What about the PHOENIX PROJECT?

What is the Phoenix Project’s identity? What, precisely, does it believe? How does its methods distinguish it, both on an off the battlefield?
What is the Project’s aesthetic? It’s difficult to say, because aesthetic reflects ideology and methods in this game - but we know so little about what ideology the Project has, if any.

What is the Project’s signature technologies? It can’t be power armour and cybernetics, because that’s taken by New Jericho. It can’t be energy weapons or stealth suits, because that’s the province of Synedrion. It can’t be mutagenics, because that’s the stuff of the Disciples. So what is it?

My worry can be summed up as thus: that the player faction will not have an identity, a “gimmick,” of its own. The worst case scenario would be for the Project to be an empty shell that exists to pick one of three fleshed-out factions and conform to them. If that were to happen, I would prefer to just play as New Jericho/Synedrion/Disciples.

Obviously, I’d like to be proven wrong.

So can anyone, kindly, tell me what the vision for the Phoenix Project is? What is their identity? What is their aesthetic? What do they stand for? What should their identity and aesthetic be? Discuss.

(BTW, I have read all four of the PP briefings and most of the short stories. While there’s a lot on the three NPC factions, there is very little on the Project besides occasional spy stuff in the pre-apocalypse.)


well we will Soon™ be getting The Briefing #5 which will be on Syedrion and will flesh them out a lot and hopefully clear up a lot of the misunderstandings bout them. After that will be The Briefing #6 which will be on the Phoneix Project and should do the same thing.

I am, indeed, looking forward to Briefing 5…and even more so to Briefing 6.

Thing is, we already know the foundational stuff about Synedrion and what they stand for. But the Phoenix Project? Next to nothing. It makes me…slightly concerned.

I had figured the Phoenix Project for a tabula rasa on which the player can craft an identity. But I guess we’ll find out in briefing #6.


From what I gather, the Phoenix Project comes down to an Idea, a banner to be picked up. Seems to me that the lack of a gimmic has more to do in that the PP is united under an idea, a goal, rather than a metodoligy. This makes sense as it lets the player tabula rasa their way to achiveing this.
I guess if there would be a gimmick or a unified theme for PP, it would be that of a community brought together under the same goal. Well, that and desperation.

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My objection with the “tabula rasa” idea is twofold.

Firstly, my concern is that the choices we make will boil down to “which of the big three factions do you want to conform to?” with a dearth of options that focus more on the Project’s ideologies and methods instead.

Given how interesting the Phoenix Point setting is - particularly the factions that inhabit it - it would be a shame for the player faction to be left as an empty vehicle to drive through stories defined by the “big three.” We choose what the Project develops into…but to what degree are those choices influenced by, or even dependent on, the other factions?

Secondly, it has been generally assumed that the Phoenix Project will have its own ideology and aesthetic. Which brings us to the question…what is it? We haven’t even seen any comprehensive concept art of Project soldiers thus far.

You can win the game without allying with any faction, and there is a “solution” (against the Virus) unique to PP (just like there is one for the other factions), so you can focus on PP’s ideologies and methods fully if you want without “borrowing” stuff from other factions.



Now, what are those ideologies and methods?

Also, the aesthetic. I’m still wondering about the aesthetic, because the factions are very clearly tailored to express themselves visually.

The gameplay concepts describe them using “Xenotoxin” to take down the behemoth’s, along with a hazmat-like design in this concept art https://i.imgur.com/MLMUbHr.png so I speculate that their gimmick, currently, is bio-chemical warfare, as they were created to study and thwart the PV wherever it may spread. There will also presumably be lost techs to retrieve from abandoned Phoenix bases.


Hello all,

I think we will have to wait, Julian said that he don’t want to reveal to much before the launch of the game.
I think it’s therefore that you play a new jerico squad in place of our own PP squad.

I’m waiting the briefing 6 with some impatience, but I think information will be scarce so that the general plot isn’t revealed before the official launch


I think the same as ElSparta that we just need to wait for Briefing #6 and game release. In my opinion story and ideology of PP will be even more deep and interesting than other factions. But revealing this will be the main plot of the game. You will have to reveal other PP bases to learn it and gain access to unique research. If you will follow this ideology will be up to you. You lead last cell of PP which doesn’t know much about other cells. :wink: It may be quite interesting what goals other cells had. Main goal of course was “discover threat, study history, stay out of sight and prepare for the worst”. :slight_smile:

The thing is, we know vastly more about any of the other faction than we do about the Project.

And that includes Synedrion, even though its Briefing has not yet come out. Like I said in the OP, we know what Synedrion’s identity is - it’s the high-tech, anarchist, communist, hippy-ish faction that sits in ivory towers and focuses on quality of life for its own people rather than “solving” the Pandora Virus.

The Project, on the other hand? What they stand for? We don’t have a clue. This does not inspire confidence in me.

And you want the answer now? :stuck_out_tongue: Keep calm. If you won’t be convinced after Briefing #6 then we will have topic to discuss. :wink:

From what we know right now, the Phoenix Project may have a more conventional approach to classes and equipment, and from the ultra early battle scenario (way before the Backer Build) it seems the aestethic will be quite post-apocalyptic and with orange as main color (a lot has probably been changed). If Synedrion, New Jerico and the Disciples of Anu may be the Soft Sci-Fi faction then P. Project should be the Hard Sci-Fi faction (analogy, I’m not implying that this will be an Hard Sci-Fi game).

That’s what I can get from two known facts: first, P. Project was originally something funded by the ONU (USA included; until the ‘80s at least, if I didn’t mess up the dates). So I would expect a more conventional approach, and at least to contrast the other three, from a design perspective. Second, until the beginning of the game the Phoenix project operated under cover. It was not an “official” faction until our haven received a “distress/activation” signal from the HQ, so a lot of the havens out there may be part of the Phoenix Project whithout openly stating so (or “may have been”). So many it’s quite possible that due to the heavy decentralized nature of Phoenix Project, it didn’t develop a “unique” style or theme. From the begininng at least, I think the various “gimmicks” will arise from plot and recovery of former P. P. havens and thanks to the mixture with the other factions. I would love to develop unique equipements from other factions’ technology. Or by mixing their technology, like cyborg mutogs.


I think that the approach of PP will be your own approach.
You will be the head of PP, so what ever you own view could be, it will be PP’s view.
As Julian said you can choose to go alone (difficult game) or you can choose to ally with an other groups or more than one, the choose is yours so I think that this will be the PP approach of the Pandora problem.


It’s like asking what Link is like in the Legend of Zelda series… Hes’ what you make of him which is why he’s so beloved.

Briefing #6 will be out Very Very Soon™ so we should get a good idea of their gimmick then

I’m with Ben on this; Most of the more popular video game characters of all times are silent protagonists, like Link or Gordon Freeman. I remember reading something about how a silent protagonist allows the player to project himself as the character much more reliably than any kind of dialog tree (like in Mass Effect for instance).

As such I’m of the opinion that the perfect gimmick for Pheonix Project is no gimmick at all. Just a perfectly pragmatic approach to dealing with the virus. This doesn’t force the player to pick sides or adopt one of the other faction’s ideology. The player would get to decide what is “pragmatic”, whether or not that includes the factions is up to us.

If you give PP a gimmick, you’re robbing the player of his opportunity to make up his own. Even the overall very rigid FirXcom allowed you to decide if you were more into soldiers or mechs or psionics and made each choice equally valid and rewarding and there was nothing preventing you from going down a middle path if you didn’t mind stretching your resources.

I really hope briefing 6 hints to something like this, I’d be very disappointed if the game forced me to take some stance or other beyond “We gotta do SOMETHING about this virus”.


You misunderstand me.

The Phoenix Project should have a specific background, a certain flavour in their play style that distinguishes them from other factions, and a sort of specialization at the start - a “gimmick,” so to speak - without defining or restricting how you play.

While there is a certain niche for empty shell protagonists, I don’t think Phoenix Point is it.

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May I remind you that as of now, we know that there will probably be 4 endings (+bad ending), faction specific (so even PP has its own ending)?
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