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Entry for Synedrion seems to have the last line of NJ attached:

Synedrion was built on a dream. A world without hierarchies, without leaders, where human beings could embrace the potential of technology without its destructive side-effects.
The radicals of the old world had been proven right: the status quo could not sustain itself. But what now? What was the next step?
Some argued for co-existence with the Pandoran ecosystem, hoping for a peaceful solution. Others advocated putting humanity before Nature and claiming the planet for themselves.
Trusting in the safety of their havens, the people of Synedrion argued about the best way forward. But the Pandoravirus had little interest in their arguments, and its power was still growing…
The Phoenix Project needed allies. New Jericho could help us turn the tide. But it all depended on one man.


Good spot. Actually, the Syn script should end at “and its power was still growing”.

Where exactly was this spotted?

Nevermind. Found it on the Wiki. One for @Valygar

Valygar? Huh

Thanks, @Blathergut. The sentence is deleted.

Aspida: chart shows 500 HP but in game it shows 700.

Haven recruitment protocols[edit]

Prerequisities: Atmospheric analysis

Research time: 13 hours

Bonus effect: We can know recruit soldiers from Havens.

prerequisites now

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same w trade protocols

Baseline research time with 1 research facility?

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@Blathergut now x know fixed. thanks. Vehicles and Mutogs stats were changed in Danforth. They are up to date now. Just created new page for Mutogs by the way :):

@mcarver2000 Yeah the research times are with 1 research lab.

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