Factional Nomenclature

I’m a fan of the lore in PP, and I’ll start by saying that I think on the whole, it’s intelligently and pleasingly written. However, despite my somewhat advanced actual years, I’d be surprised if some other child like me hasn’t already raised this.

It comes down to suspension of disbelief. If I was a landscape painter, and there really was a cloud that looked for example like an enormous set of genitals, I wouldn’t paint it, because nobody would believe it was there, and it would spoil the painting. This is a widely accepted principle.

So why is there a faction called The Disciples of Anu? In the lore that has been created around the game, each faction has its own interests and goals. For Synedrion, ecology is certainly at the fore of their agenda. New Jericho probably couldn’t care less about their carbon footprint.

But what are The Disciples of Anu’s emissions like?

I only have to ask a ridiculously contrived and convoluted question like that to legitimise my fun poking, and end up only one apostrophe away from unintentional hilarity.

Of all the names the writers could have given this faction, they had to go with ‘Anu’, which is fascinatingly brave, or wilfully naive.

Personally, I’m hoping for splinter groups in the DLCs. The Acolytes of Perineu? The Cohort of Frenulu? The Cronies of Scrotu?

Forgive me. I’ll go away now.

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Much of the lore in Phoenix Point has connections to real world history, myth and legend.

Our lead writer, Dr. Allen Stroud, specialises in world building, and did a lot of research into the themes and inspirations behind the lore of Phoenix Point.

You can read a little about Anu here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anu

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Ah, thanks. Most enlightening. I’d heard of the Annunaki, but not of Anu (or ‘An’) himself, so that clears that up.

‘An’ might have been the safer option, but I’m sure Dr. Stroud knows what he’s doing. The page says that the Hittites believed Anu’s son Kumarbi bit off (and swallowed) Anu’s genitals. This made him pregnant, and one of the resultant children (Teshub) eventually grew up and killed Kumarbi in revenge for the death of his other father. What were these guys smoking?

I really hope Alan finds a way to work that one into the lore. :wink:

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Sounds like a load of balls to me.