What happened to TFD like stretch goal?

I really miss I have missed the original campaign for thrill and lower price :slight_smile:

Looking at the Fig page, I see DRIVEABLE VEHICLES has been reached, but not next two promising ones (FLOATING BASE and UNDERWATER MISSIONS) … sounds like TFD is a bit back!

Since I suppose people are pre-buying the game even after campaign, is there a chance this TFD like feats will be implemented in the end?

We already announced quite some time ago that we would be releasing the Floating Base as a free DLC after launch. The Underwater Missions would now be a possibility for a paid DLC in the future.


We already announced quite some time ago that we would be releasing the Floating Base as a free DLC after launch. The Underwater Missions would now be a possibility for a paid DLC in the future.

I am a newbie, so thank you for repeating yourself. I could not see this clearly on web site game features, nor on original strech goal page, and for all that loved TFDs ability to use water as combat area too (as well as underwater weapons, new aliens) its a great news.

Throw in technology combined vehicles from third game - maybe some of the species (kind of Master of Orion thing inside strategic game) and it will be a true spiritual rebirth. No real time play, thanks.

So 2010 or so, fight goes deeper and story expands :wink:

Will buy that DLC!

Sidenote: Hope some of the TFD inspired creatures might return …

Like lobster, not only crab alien.

Or Triscene


I really look forward to Terror from the Deep style missions coming to Phoenix Point in the future.


Underwater missions are truly a great idea for Phoenix Point considering its setting. Another thing I would look forward to. Though I was under the impression (theorizing) that toward the end of the game, you’d have to go into the deep sea to fight the Dead God. So this indicates that might not be the case.
Inspiration from earth’s extremely bizarre prehistoric sea life would be awesome!


T’Leth Level 3 Mission Briefing

The end is in sight, from here on in we are searching for the crypt of the Ultimate Alien. Destroy the 8 power feeds to the tomb to finish off the Alien threat. Don’t give up now! Aborting will terminate the mission.
Source: Terror From The Deep T’Leth Mission Briefing Scree

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I did play TFD. I didn’t beat it. it was so brutal. I might try again.

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Not only that, T leth had nice background story.



Underwater missions do seem like kind of f*ckin’ awesome!! :smiley:

Really hoping Snapshot can include them in a near future, even if a paid DLC.

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Yes all good stuff. Clearly, a Lovecraftian influence is at work… I’m one of those who did finish TFTD and (still, to this day) think it’s superior to the original.

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Game mechanics is exactly the same, but I found both the story and aliens to be refreshing and in a way, better. More original.

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Since DLCs have gone quite “astray” from original announcement, bumping to see can this be expected … e.g. early 2021 and will it include new aliens?

I don’t think much is known, outside the descriptions included with DLCs reveal. Dates are clearly out of date.

What I miss the most, are much hyped Behemoths. I don’t think it’s been addressed if they are to come back in an update or with one of the DLCs.

Generally, I think it would be nicer to tie new enemy types/enemy mutation to free Patches, rather then paid DLCs, unless they are tied purely to DLC content. Shark-mutants for example :scream: I don’t see anything specific about new enemy types, outside “festering skies”, though that seems to be tied to “Air-combat” addon, rather then expansion of tactical roster… though thinking about it… we don’t have a flying alien, do we?

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To be honest, the new alien fraction included in latest DLC is in between since they appear only in heaven defenses and is too much copied with our mutation tech (I almost typed terror missions, old school :slight_smile:

Expansion to Ancients sounds nice, since foundation is layed on with Ancient related missions

Air combats are most welcome. We miss battle class, not only transports.
Floating Alien Bases? Will see will it suffice and what enemies will it bring :slight_smile: Technologies, weapons too hopefully.