What does the future hold?

So PP is officially done. What’s next? Any hints? Are you working on a new game? Is it PP2? Is it something different? When to expect new info?

Unfortunatly I doubt that we will have official confirmation about what they are doing, until new project will have something to show to the world.

But you can be sure they are working on a new game. Maybe even two new games.

If I would need to guess then:

  • first smaller project will be for mobile devices as it is common for developers to switch to that platform nowadays,
  • and second bigger project for stronger machines, as complex strategies can’t run elsewhere (and I doubt that Julian Gollop is developing shooter or hack’n’slash game) :wink:

If that is PP2 we can only guess, but I think that some other franchise can be in works now, and PP world will come after that.

Considering that DLC5 was done by some other studio, then Snapshot Games is working on new title since October 2021 (concepts and prototyping probably even earlier). So I would guess that before end of 2022 we will see something new from Snapshot.

I would love to see it opened more to the mod community. Some good mods could better weave the LoTA package better I think that was a real missed opportunity.
Same with many of the other additions - they all feel bolted on rather than woven into the game.
Let the mods fix it.