Suggestions for PP2

SUGGESTIONS for Phoenix Point 2.

PP is so Clever and addictive that it literaly ruins My Life. Take It as compliment not complanint. For me The Weekest Point Which breaks The immersion are silly soldier and scylla voices. When female Voice I think number 6 says “ready willing and able” it is so Annoying that I wish this particular Soldier Died on the Spot. I don’t think that this should be happening. After some time I just mute the Soldiers. Way too many Soldiers have an Accent Which would be fine if the accent was not the same. (Bulgaria?). Each Soldier has Only few Lines and after Time it gets really Annoying to hear the same line for 100 Time. I suggest you use one of available AIs, simulate for this AI that it is actually in Real Combat situation and let the Soldier and its AI make adequate Comments for each particular combat situation. If You Do This it Will make each Soldier appear to be very Alive and real. It Would push your game into New level of “realness” and relatibility to each soldier. There are videos on YouTube When this type of AI is implemented on NPCs in open world City simulation. The feeling that you are actually In Real City talking to Real people is astonishing. The Soldiers Could even complain about the players dicisions (When they run out of Ammo, when they get Hurt Because the were left exposed ect.). The possibilities are endless. I belive by the time you Finish next game AI will be widely used in Gaming Industry for the purposes of Immersion. Otherwise PP is really something. I never activate Festering skyes thou - really annoying DLC + combat with ancients seems to elicit unfair tactics in order to win it.

Thank You.

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