What do we need to reach Laser Squad

  • Throwing items from inventory, not only bombs. Usefull for ammo, weapons etc.
  • Auto cannons. Rapid 5 hit skill is long long after
  • MINIMAP to find visible enemnies faster. evac zones and large map on M key
  • Several types of shot per weapon with different AP cost

I miss those Basics

To reach XCOM-UFO

  • Larger ships. Scale more enemies
  • Difficulty where AI scales, not only numbers and resources. Like people complained on rookie AI can be tough
  • Cydonia and underwater fights, more aliens
  • That learning curve AI Gallop was made famous for

Game is very advanced in many aspects, variety of skills and weapons, but feels like lacking what was done before.


  • Way to counter-reduce mist (destroying lairs and nests should reduce it on map and in meter)
  • Way to counter acid and burning (way to cure it)
  • Costier mind control, also mind control resistance as stat or neural feedback as skill

Destruction of the Pandor Centers reduces the speed of expansion of the fog.

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Thank you for clarification. While it sounds “Doomy” not be able to counter it back, its a bit unrealistic. If bases (nests, lairs, citadels) are heart of it, destroying them does not reduce it, only mist repellers (coming quite late).

Thanks, but “too doomy” in my eyes. I know, we are not supposed to be able to beat the threat, but then again, some even small gains, are psychologically good and rewarding.

Alien bases are not heart of the mist. They only use it to appear on landmass. Mist originates from the sea.

Increase Willpower of your soldiers and they will be less prone to Mind Control attacks. Disciple Priest also gives immunity at some point. Berserker at some point is also immune so when dualclassing it gives that resistance.

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Also mist repellers do not entirely reduce the mist, they only provide a mist free sphere around the base you build it (or the synedrion heavens that have build one). This doesn’t mean, that the pandorans have no longer influence in this area, in fact the mist spreads around this spheres as before and pandoran bases could also spawn within these spheres (seldom, but it was reported that this can happen).

You may ask now, for wtf should I build them?
Well, the strength of the pandorans is reduced when they attack heavens or your bases and also if you encounter them on scavenging sites or by ambushes in this sphere (afaik by one, so extreme level get hard and so on).

Side note

And at least you can find your bases on the globe more easily when they have this sphere :laughing:

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The Pandoran bases discovered inside mist-repelled zones were created prior to the mist being pushed back. They can not build bases in a non-mist area.

I believe this only applies after a high level Synedrion research has been completed. Otherwise, prior to that, they prevent Pandoran bases from being created where the mist has been repelled.

The mist is not reduced by destroying Pandoran bases. The ODI is reduced and slowed however. The mist can be held in bay only by Synedrion Mist Repellers. I doubt that this has any affect on the ODI.

I also believe that successfully defending havens from Pandoran attacks also affects the ODI. The reverse also applies - failure to defend havens increases the ODI. These affects are minor compared to destroying their bases.

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Ah OK, good to know.

I’m pretty sure that pandorans strength is reduced by the repellers without any additional research.

Maybe a better explanation is the opposite way that pandorans presence in the mist is stronger and the repellers, well, they push the mist away :wink:

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There is a specific research that reduces their strength inside the mist repelled zone. Off the top of my head -20%. Prior to that it only prevents them from creating bases.

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Ah yes, I found it on an previous endgame save called “Project Domovoi”, it’s pretty late available.
But the description is not that clear, it reduces 20% attack strength for alien bases in range of a mist repeller.
Hmmm …

Beside that and that they prevent to create bases, they also permanently “reduce” strength in their sphere because:

Let’s say it the other way, they prevent the strengthen up of the enemies because they repel the mist in their sphere.

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Thanks for the tips, but as you know, snaky enemies appear quite early.

Also, their ability to control 2 units EVERY turn is really way too much.
Once run at 3 of them at once at legendary, no way to beat them.

Then we need Terror from deep missions :)))

I dont want to hear scenario excuses, practical solutions. Its too fast “eating the Earth” and once it goes over bases, they are quite dead in some time (speaking of defeinding on their own). As a fractions, aliens grow to strong to fast. In any difficulty setting. At least that is my experience-feeling. Yours?

I fully understand this mechanics. I am saying destroying bases SHOULD MAKE MIST REDUCE … as a suggestion for a change. Would give it much fairer fight :slight_smile:

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Same. I would slow it down.


I suspect that this research is bugged. I doubt that I will hear back on my F12 bug report, but…

See my observation Late game research does nothing (spoilers)


I wonder no one misses the map? On large maps, old school Laser Squad map would be orientation saviour? For those too young to remember …