A Methode against the Red fog

Hi there,

is there a way to fight back the Red fog on the globe? The only method i found out was to destroy pandora structures, but this are only one or two percent and there are not enough of them.

Is it possible to steal the anti fog technologie from synderion?



No, there is no way to fight the mist entirely, you can only delay it.
It’s intentional that you can’t fight the mist entirely by destroying pandoran bases, you have to go to one of the faction solutions to win against the pandas and then end the game, otherwise you lose. It’s a race against the pandorans and the ODI tells you how close it is to lose.
On easy difficulty you have the most time and maybe a chance to stall the ODI completely (I never played on easy, so only a guess). All difficulties above it seems to be impossible to play an “endless game”.

Spoilered about the synedrion anti mist tech:

The synedrion mist repellers also not help you to get the ODI down, they only provide a sphere without mist around the bases where you build them. All pandoran attacks on bases and heavens in this sphere are easier because there is no mist to help the pandas. They are a good defensive building but not more.

Hey MadSkunky,

thank you for the answer. Too bad. And no, also on easy difficulty you cannot stop the ODI. I’ve tried it ;-).


Patch Notes - v1.0.56617 - 31/03/2020

Leviathan 1.0.56049 - 04/3/2020


  • We have made changes to the ODI to increase the pressure on higher difficulties.
    • If the player does nothing to stop the pandorans:
      • Easy - The game should end in 6 months ingame
      • Normal- The game should end in 5 months ingame
      • Hard - The game should end in 4 months ingame
      • Very Hard- The game should end in 3 months ingame