Weird pathing possible bug

When moving, the blue line seems to elevate as if my character could step on something. Won’t let me move to the invisible spot though, maybe a missing rock or platform?

Same playthrough, new mission on the same map, same bug.

You do know that the path is in 3d enviroment ? And there are drops in it, which make a direct path impossible, without the ability fly. And the camera angle is so that it just looks like the path is not too direct.

3d environment? Stating the obvious.

No, its definitely a bugged path, seems theres an invisible elevation. Spinning the camera shows it off more clearly. I should’ve taken more screenshots.

Well, all I can see in that picture is one elevation going down, before which the structure makes the path to be taken, needing to have two ~90° corners, that then goes down that level. That then has a 45° corner to get to the next tile from which because of the structure yet again, it then goes to 30° angle to get to the destination.

New game, still happening.

Yes, that’s how I would move my trooper on that 3d map. If there’s a supposedly a better path to move, then show it to me ? A mspaint should be accurate enough to show what you are thinking.

Also not sure what is wrong on these last 4 screenshots. Soldier can go there and it looks like the shortest way.


Its not about where the cursor is, its the weird angles of the yellow line.

Can you mark on screnshots where? Because it looks OK to me to be honest.

The line that leads to the cursor, is the shortest route to the point, the other yellow lines are the possible points/areas where the soldier can travel to from the current point, using the set amount of movement/action points. Those were there in the backer beta, and in XCOM 1, 2, chimera squad etc games. They are for preview. xcom had fewer cause it allows only so many actions. Even the W40K Mechanicus has those. As the games use a different movement systems, they have different ways to show it.
Look at this picture, can you see the blue line, it’s the same thing as one of the lines in Phoenix Point. In Phoenix Point you have 4 action point into where the movement is devided into, while in xcom you only have 2, and you can continue in PP, while in xcom you cannot.

Aaaah, thanks to @TheImp post I think I get what he’s talking about:

Screenshot 2022-03-30 at 02.19.10

@Rune, is this the weird line?

This way game is supposed to indicate sloped (or elevated) but traversable terrain like ie. stairs or low obstacle. You are not supposed to stand in between elevations here, but unit can jump down or vault over this way. Opposed to ie.

Screenshot 2022-03-30 at 02.38.45

…where height difference between elevations is to high. So the lines are not only here to indicate movable tiles but also give you suggestion on the possible pathing.

Of course there may be a bug here and there where the indication is somehow wrong, but I don’t think there is anything wrong here on a screens you’ve posted.

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