[BB1] Still can't climb

I’ve reported this here before (my computer won’t let me F12 for some reason)

I still can’t get onto the roof or upper rooms! The system simply ignores any rooftop tiles for movement purposes. Whether it’s my Heavy Jetpacking or any other squaddies moving, it skips over any rooftop tile and only gives me the option to move to a ground-level tile.

I’ve even had a situation where the system has mapped a route for a squaddie to climb a ladder, run across the roof, then drop onto the other side - BUT WON’T GIVE HIM THE OPTION TO STOP ON THE ROOF!

What’s going on? Is anyone else encountering this problem? And is the Snapshot team aware of it?

We are aware of these issues and are actively fixing them as we go. Does the [BB1] imply that you are still playing Backer Build One? Or have you updated to Two?

I had this issue a few times in BB1, haven’t had it in BB2, but found changing camera elevation to its highest (scroll wheel up) often would let me chose the roof tile.

Thanks, that’s very like XCOM. I’ll try that.

Hmm, I see my reply to you didn’t register UV.

I’m actually on BB2 - typo caused by habitual usage, my bad. Sorry 'bout that.

And thanks for the prompt reply. Good to know you guys are on it.

Strange. Never had that issue and I use roofs a lot. Zoom out as far as you can with your mouse wheel. Now it works?