A path finding bug

I had a nest map with a circle shape narrow coridor. I blocked the path with two soldiers, selected another soldier and clicked past those two. But instead of staying in his place because of the blocked path the soldier started to run all the way around the circle map. He stopped moving eventually because of enemies he encountered, but I think he ran beyond his maximum limits too.

Good find. Haven’t heard this one before.

Now that I think of it, it is probably a condition bug, there is a check if the clicked square is within limits, but no condition for number of squares unit should run to reach that square.

Saw this in Xander Sweetman YouTube videos. Soldier was running in other direction than path was showing, running around the map. But I think that he didn’t move past normal move limit.

oh the soldier will move past the limit. they’ll keep going until something triggers them to stop. usually it’ll be finding a new enemy.

interestingly this appears to be a bug with the system that creates the tiles you can click not realising that those tiles have been blocked rather than the pathfinding system which does realise the path is blocked and starts pathing correctly.

one thing I have not tested is whether the TU cost gets taken into account

Had this exact same thing happen in alien circle cave map. Solider ran all the way around the map… until he ran into 3 crabmen on the other side.

Was just pissed he ran into them… I wanted to see if he made it to the other side! Instead he was left hanging solo vs 3! I F12 reported it.

Interesting. I wonder why such things don’t happen in my gameplay.

I’m guessing because you haven’t triggered the conditions. The two soldiers blocking the path part seems to be a very important part of the equation

I was wondering, too, but I think I just subconsciously don’t try to move soldiers into blocked spaces.

  • It has only happened (to me) on the alien map with a loop in it, so a second path to get to the same place.
  • Then your soldiers blocking the path to get the shortest path.
  • Then on top of those two… the path finding not seeing your soldiers are in the way and allowing you to select squares beyond the block.

Not sure why it doesn’t see it as path blocked. I have a feeling it is something to do with the alien plants on the side of the cave. If one of them is part of the blockage it might see it as a clearable path… that just hasn’t been cleared yet.