Heavy weapon suggestion: LMGS

Right now heavy soldiers don’t have a good “mid accuracy” weapon. Their choices are grenade launchers or highly inaccurate weapons like cannons or heavy machine guns.

I really think we need a moderate accuracy weapon for them. For this I suggest an LMG and rare perks for it.

info: light machine gun, holds 50-80 rounds belt loaded takes 2 power to reload.
fire cost: 2 or 1.
bursts: 5-8 shots depending on faction (New Jericho is the 8 and 80 one. theres is based on an mg3)

Perk: all LMG’s deploy when placed on low cover changing their firing cost from 2 to 1 but limiting them to a 120 degree cone of fire.

overwatch: if one overwatches with an LMG behind low cover they can take 4 reaction shots, upto two per target.

Rare class unlocks.

LMG proficiency: standard

walking fire, only on proficient classes/soldiers: Overwatch bonus doesn’t require one to be in cover.

Question: can’t be equip heavies with whatever weapon we want?

I always give my heave a shot gun! Solves the issue!

Yes but unless they have proffecency they fumble shots, and the main armor of heavies reduces accuracy by like 40%