Weapon management and overwatch ideas

Hello, after two days of BB3 I would like to provide my feedback.

  1. ammo management, I am not a huge fan of having ammo magazines but I understand your idea of “we are the last point of resistance, we don’t have everything” point of view. However I in the final version I would like to see some ‘default setup’ option. So the game would remember that for Soldier A I want to have 2 extra magazines in the backpack. If we are back from the mission, he takes two magazines from the storage (if they are available) and voila. So I won’t realise that I forgot to resupply the ammo during 5th turn of next mission. I can only imagine that later you will have PDF magazines, grenades, medkits ets for every single soldier (up to 8 for a single manticore). this will be a micromanagement nightmare.

  2. the amount of magazines displayed on the reload button. every soldier should know how many magazines (s)he got in the rucksack. You play in a different way if you have 7 rounds left or 13. If you want to implement a realistic way of bullet tracing, please don’t create a situation when in the middle of the battle my ‘commando’ takes his rucksack off, open it, counts the spare ammo and resume the fire. nope.

  3. drop pouch for ammo (mentioned in different threads), sometimes I want to reload my weapon when I expect to encounter a serious fight, but I have 1/3 ammo left. in a real fight, I could drop my magazine into drop bag attached to my belt and load a full one. IF I desperately need these spare rounds I can grab this 1/3 full magazine and load it into my AR.

  4. Overwatch management:
    previously mentioned: range modifier, cone of action
    my additional idea: aggressiveness, there is nothing worse than losing your soldier because his fellow combatant decided to kill him with his overwatch. So maybe add some modifier for ROE if there is a chance that your teammate could be damaged?
    great games guys! can’t wait for a final version

  1. I think it was announced that load out for each soldier will be saved and that the inventory will try to refill/re-equip it. I would also add to this that game should ask us if we want to spend so much resources, because there is something missing and it needs to be produced.
  2. Good idea.
  3. It will be like that, it is just not yet implemented.
  4. I suppose that this agressiveness would be too much in the overwatch system. Too much micro-management.
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  1. So maybe if game detects during overwatch/reaction that your squadmate could be hurt by your shot, you could get a quick popup ‘do you accept the risk?’

You should already be able to look into your inventory without spending time units. You have to spend 25% TU to move things around, but looking shouldn’t take time.


something like that. soldier should be aware of his load.
but to be honest, right now, every time I was exploring my rucksack, I was looking for more ammo, so magazines counter would solve it. but of course, later in the game I would like to know which of my soldiers got stunt rod etc…

It is a bug in heavy and technician inventories.

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Id add that as non english native speaking, i really had some troubles finding the right bullet magazines for right guns. Yeah Pistol for Pistol, Sniper for Sniper but after that if i remember right, i was bit confused that “uhm, what ammo goes to this gun”. Naming of the guns and magz had something fishy if i recall right.

There are some visual differences for some of the ammo. Like the NJ Machine gun ammo looks like a cloth bag for a machine gun belt and the medikit ammo is a long box, not a magazine

Hi Wombut, I see your point, however, I REALLY like the fact that they added some fancy names for weapons. As a European born ‘gun enthusiast’ (I’m not ‘make America great again’, but rather ‘more kids drown in swimming pools than die from using pistols’ guy) I simply know acronyms like PDW, AR or RPG.
However, I think it would be great if you guys could add a ‘class’ property, along with damage, accuracy, weight etc (in the pop up when you mouse over the item). I think it would solve a problem for Wombut, while it would keep the spirit for guys who prefer ‘Firecat GL’ rather than ‘New Jericho Basic Grenade Launcher’.
what is your opinion?

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Yeah, names are cool on guns, specially when we get more weapons to use, maybe some unique weapons in future, rare ones ect, and i think that “class” thing stating “Ammunition : xxxxxxx, yyyyyyy, dddddd” i think it was the Technician`s gun that i couldnt find ammo (or i just didnt happen to find one clip in 4 scavenging sites =)

I also like having names in there. Kings, I always felt like the NJ MG ammo box looks like a SAW ammo box, not a cloth one.

Not the best angle, but you can see the cutoff angle on the opposite side.

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@Finitethrills fair enough