Revisiting the Ammo issue

I found that the BB4 ammo situation is still not satisfactory. While I agree that there should be a reload action in the game which leads to some tension and proper planning. Being able to carry 1 reload for heavy gun and 2-3 for rifles just breaks the immersion. Many have already said that even modern infantry carries a lot more that 90 rounds of ammo and being force to use 6 rounds burst is just too arbitrary vs the traditional 3 round burst. Some have argue that supply is limited but sending a highly trained soldier out without enough ammo and getting him killed is a lot worst. Time and supply to train a soldier should far outpace whatever it takes to produce ammo. and If you really don’t have enough supply to build enough ammo, the war is over so just give up and die.

Anyone remember if the Dev have said how modable this game will be? If it can easily be edited like FraXcom, that that’s probably will be the first thing I mod but I would prefer that a more realistic ammo system is in place when the game launch.

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Totally agree with you!

This is a videogame. Not realy life. In all I have played I have never needed more than 1 magazines besides the one loaded in the weapon. Furthermore, you cannot compare army forces which are deployed in long lasting operations against Phoenix Point doing missions which only take a few hours.

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True, I do not know how you play. How many clips of ammo do you spend on average?
But personally I never ran out of a ammo on a mission and my soldiers have primary weapon, 1 spare clip for primary weapons, 2 grenades, pistol and medikit.

I think everybody plays it differently, and the devs are going to have to come to a middle ground that will please most people.The only ammo I’ve run out of was PDW, but since aquiring an APC have n’t had a problem…but as the game isn’t balanced yet it’s perhaps something the devs wil. Have to look at. At an easier setting perhaps you will have more ammo?

The situation did improve a bit now that you have better control for Overwatch. There are also more than one aspect of ammo issue we’ll be facing.

  1. Carry amount. I hope the current load/carry limit is just a place holder. I also hope that they won’t make training to carry more a thing as it’s totally unrealistic. I don’t believe that you can make meaningful improvements on load limit once a soldier have past through basic training. Some people will just have a larger build and be able to carry more, no amount of training is going to change that.

  2. Who decided on the 6 round burst vs the traditional 3 rounds and why can’t we make that selectable.

  3. We also have not seen the manufacturing aspect of the game but I would really really hate and will mod the hell out of it if ammo production is a thing like the original XCom series. Having to wait days to build enough ammo for a mission sucks. Let’s hope they don’t make it a pain in production management.

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