We need a Callsigns mechanic

We need to be able to give nicknames/callsigns to our units, I mean we can kinda do that already but to be completely honest adding “Nick” in the character’s name textbox is just not enough, The game doesn’t use that Nickname in any way.

We need an actual Callsign system for our people, I wish we had the same system as in XCOM 1 & 2, the game would briefly display a character’s Callsign next to it when selected in battle. Also, they needed to reach a certain rank to get their own Callsign going, from there the game stops using their real names and instead using the Callsigns. So Callsign equals Ranks, Ranks equals Stronger!

In my opinion, This is the main reason why players grow attached to their characters, the game keeps telling you who is who by using their Callsigns in combat when you select them.
In the end you get to familiarize yourself with those Callsigns, taking rookies to the field from time to time, you will get to know everyone in the barracks.

I really like the fact that they are given their real names for the sake of personalities and I’m not willing to change that to have it be just a Nickname to make it easier for me, At the same time in combat I don’t mind their names, I need their Callsigns.

XCOM 1 and 2 are so good at telling you who you just selected specially XCOM 2, you assimilate that information so quickly that 2 seconds later you don’t even remember where you got the info from.
It’s so non-intrusive… It’s like, As the recipient you got the message but there was no emitter at all.
For real, I had to go back to XCOM 2 War of the Chosen to take a look at how this game did it and I was playing WotC as I was downloading Phoenix Point :ROLF:

To date I’m still having troubles with this in Phoenix Point, I press Tab and I’m like: If I move the Green Sniper! If I move the White Heavy! If I move the Assault!.. No, The OTHER Assault, the Red one!
I ended up giving each of my early units a color and if you want me to tell you the truth, I even gave them the color name for the “Nickname”: Red, White, Green lol


I really, really, really hate to agree with anything that suggests incorporating something from the Firaxis XCOM games… but I have to agree with this.


If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a shower, while the devs hopefully implement the suggestion.

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Yeah. If I’m being honest, to date I just identify all of my characters by glancing at their passive skills + weapons, ignoring everything else visually when cycling because it’s pretty difficult to distinguish by other means I find. (Edit: without making clown patrols, etc.)

Yes and no, I achieved get attached to about 4 characters, game fixed rule, they couldn’t die:

  • The only girl in init pool (pure AR with Heavy ability she inherited of Living Armor set)
  • One in init pool, looking like Daenerys when I selected female, seriously… :slight_smile: (classic Sniper/Heavy).
  • Probably the first mutant hired (Berzerk/Assault with Stongman)
  • One of the first mutant I hired (Berkerk/Sniper)

But there’s also some other soldiers I reminded among the pool of 35 at end:

  • One lost, ok I don’t remind details, but I remind the lost and was close to reload.
  • Soldiers of init pool.
  • A few very special build as one with weird mutations I wouldn’t pick but they proved be interesting for the character (Berzerk/Infitrator), another mutant Infitrator/Sniper, a few more.

Now it’s not the same, and the reason for me is I think only the graphics, the inability to hide helm globally, that head mutations have no variations, that graphics for heads don’t look that great, that there isn’t enough diversity for surprises and attachment on their look mainly head.