Better unit customisation?

I have been spoiled from XCOM2, but it seems really counterintuitive to me not to have a name/surname/nickname field, origin country, and voicesets different than english. Or different at all, since they can’t be selected.


You can type name, surname and nick. You can also select different English voices for soldiers. Countries are no more so there is nothing to choose from.

Yes, but the Name, Surname and nickname are all clumped together.

Can’t believe I missed the Voice entry. Thanks!

I still think a “country of origin” field, maybe with a flag, would be quite nice.

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In addition to your points, having now been able to play it through a few times, what would be good was if you could “buy” extra back pack space, sometimes it is just not quite enough, also I found near the end I had some guys fully leveled up and had a spare 100+ un-used points! It would be good to be able to buy more space or add to strength even if it was a double cost! Because obviously if you have more space you need more strength to lift it. will power and speed are fine, don’t need to change this, but Strength and space would be great! Don’t really care how they look, what voice, what gender etc… that’s just fluff… But the practical stuff like strength and space yes please! Oh… And a roll over on the little icons to the bottom left with the portraits would be nice, I would like to see some basic info like Heavy, snipper etc… because now you need to actually select it to see, this would save extra clicks.