We May Bitch & Moan ... But We Can Be Grateful As Well

I hope for some infinite mode to play this game endlessly.

Maybe in terms of bugs and some balancing issues, yes. Unfortunately there’s still problem in gameplay mechanics and overall blandness and it’s not going to change. It’s painful everytime I realize what PP could be and what it became instead. No big imagination is needed to see this.


It already feels like endless play even without infinite mode, because it is boring as hell.


is bug-y as hell but maybe game would have found its geeks

Yup, I even think it already found some fans. To be honest I’m amazed how many people actually enjoy this game. My words are harsh but I really would like to call PP a decent game someday and play it like there’s no tomorrow :pensive:

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I love the premise and potential of PP, and it’s eminently commendable what the devs are trying to do with the patches so far and community outreach/transparency. I’m cautiously optimistic about where the game is going, however to me right now it still feels like it’s in Early Access rather than being a full release due to how much balancing is still required and bugs that still need to be fixed.

I’ve put it down for now, but I’m still following the forums and dev progress regularly. I’m looking forward to picking up the finished product again later on once most of the issues and most glaring imbalances have been worked out.


Really? I gave them 50$ for a game I can barely play (hello custom keybinds) and bugged out within the first 15 minutes of cluncky trying to play (hello custom keybinds), and I should…thank them?

You mean like a ‘Stockholm Syndrome thank you sir’ thank you?

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Did you buy a game or help build this Dream?

Yes, this has been ‘a top priority’ since mid december. But it’s happening, only months later. Hate to think how ‘non-top priority’ issues get handled.

Also, I understand this will get solved, but I take some offence at people telling me I should be grateful and thankful to a game company releasing a game in this state. I can maybe understand, comprehend, live with…but thankful, really?

Custom keybinds are in the March 4th patch


It always takes time to solve problems, and even more time is needed to prevent problems.

Custom keybinds, for example, are not my high priority, even if it was solved quite simply (not a fact).
To speed up the solution of problems, we can give developers time or write here on the forum that this is very important for us.
IMO transparent development is strained work for a young studio.

:joy: Yes people are a bit protective, but in fairness there are some acceptable reasons for the release condition. The recent Q and A session does discuss it and remember it is a crowd funded project, so there was no big financial backing other than regular people. But hugely funny comment!

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One StarCitizen is enough :grin:

There are always people who themselves want to be deceived (you can help or play the lottery from greed) and there are people who abuse it.