Wait time for deploy shield

Incredibly long, alien action wait time when they deploy their shields.
Don’t know if it’s intended that way or if its a bug. But just reporting it. Thanks.

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Also i know it’s been said in forums somewhere, but the amount of times they can shoot is too much i think, or not. For the challenge at least, will their be achievements in this game? Does anyone know?

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They’ll balance how much the enemies can shoot–I think it’s their Return Fire that’s overpowered? Yeah, they’ll fix that :smiley:

Sweeeet! Thanks.

yeah they like all fire back over over and over. Ha ha.

Currently their are two main peaces of game mechanic missing and that is limited Line of sight and limited/reload actions for the crab man. Both of which will be changed in the final game. I hope there would be some change to these mechanic in the next backer build but nobody mentioned it directly.

Okay i hope so.

How often do backer builds release, its really a game breaker for me sometimes.

Developers aimed at 2 months intervals, but plans have changed to “when we will prepare a significant amount of new content”. So there is no date announced.

when did the last backer come out? I just started about less than a week ago.

mid November

Oh okay alright, how will i know when the new backer is out?

probably there will be an e-mail saying that next BB will be released in next 2 or 3 days. And xsolla installer will just update the game (at least in Windows).

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God, that would drive me crazy getting an e-mail like that, waiting in anticipation! :smiley:

Yeah, that can be intense time. :slight_smile: Think about full release. What the hype there will be for all turn based strategy fans? :wink: But I will have a baby in next month so I suppose that my focus will go somewhere else for the coming year. And it would be interesting to play the game with the kid in front of the monitor. :wink:

Congratulations, that’s awesome. Um, yeah the hype is real!

Phoenix Point briefing books, are those for people who payed 60 dollars, or 80?

thank you

…are free. You can download them from official page. Links in this thread in last post. For the sixth just change number in the page address.

I noticed the same thing, including never-ending enemy turn, but this is pre-Aplha, so what should we expect? As much as I love the game, I stopped playing the backer builds due to sheer frustration. I will probably pick back up for the Beta, if it ever happens.