Problem with the Briefing emails

I’ve been receiving emails with the briefing documents, I only get a link to purchase the game (I’ve already purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition), Will this content be available when the game is released?

I’m not too sure what your question is here. You say you’re already getting the briefing emails? All of The Briefings (and more) will be part of The Compendium which comes with the Luxury Digital Edition and above.

I’m sorry, my English is not very good, when I purchased the game I got the first briefing an eBook, but afterwards i’ve been receiving the following email with further briefings, which cannot be downloaded (the link point to the purchase page). I was asking if I have to upgrade my version of the game to have access to those briefings, or if they will be available on release:

I’ve found that the corporate firewall blocked the link to download the kindle, it seems is blacklisted for some reason, that’s why I didnt understand why only the purchase button was available

Usually clicking on the book cover will take you to the download. You can download them all here though: