Enemy Mortar is OP

Okay so I’m now facing 2 large mortar enemies which literally wiped out the equipment of 4 of my people in two turns, besides the fact that they are super accurate, it makes the game extremly hard to play with no weapons.

I guess you mean 2 Chirons with the “wings” mutation (don’t know the name). Yeah, I always dread to see this mutation around. If I see a Chiron with wings, it is target number 1. All willpower in “dash” and “quick aim”, it must go down.

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@pantolomin no, he’s most likely referring to aliens with grenade arms. I’ve run into them several times, had all of my weapons blown up, had to restart. So ridiculous. Grenade launchers in general, on both sides, are OP right now.

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No, it clearly sounds like Chirons:)
I agree, bad luck with Chiron or worse, Chirons is a wipe.
I really would like to understand how they operate. I understand that they share the FOV with other aliens so as soon as you alert a single alien, all Chirons are aware of your position?

I REALLY would like to see LOS implementation so Chiron can target an enemy which is in sight of other alien. Right now I feel they know my location all the time, so the only way to avoid massacre is making them primary target (MFD+QA;BB) and hiding inside the buildings.

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ya its the Chirons

It’s the same as in XCOM or other games like that. Don’t alert them and kill them in the first turn

not sure how you can kill two Chirons in turn one, also the map was mostly open. And I tried with 2 Gauss Sniper Rifles

I guess he meant the first turn after you alert them. I don’t remember how armored is their back, but you can try disabling it so they can’t use it anymore. Got only one in my new campaign and two sniper shots (+20% damage with rifles perk - quick aim twice) were enough to have it bleeding enough to die on its turn.

berserker+adrenaline rush+rapid clearence…

They tend to target soldiers who are the most dangerous to them, based on proximity, or those who are in the open and are visible to at least one enemy.
The options are numerous, like provoke them to attack your heavy instead of lighter troops. Keep distance with your sniper from all enemies till you can get under some roof. The aggressive options are to use hell canon with burst rage, or a sniper rifle with burst rage. You can get at least two shots with a sniper by using quick aim two times, with appropriate perk he can knock off armor too. Quick aim or rage burst on shotguns/assault rifles might help too. Chitons are somewhat skittish and will try to keep good distance from your troops. Start getting close with some of your guys but keep them at distance.

I had a mission with 4 Chirons, 2 with goo launcher and 2 with mortar. I’ve sent two assaults and berserk forward. Heavy jumped on one building and next turn on the closest to them to get some shots with GL. Took shots at mortar Chiron with a sniper with mark for death and quick aim, finished him with another assault. These two guys where in the open but about 15 tiles apart. I was lucky and barrage from second Chiron broke snipers pistols but sniper could return fire on him. What was interesting is that mortar Chiron did attack heavy on the roof but only after couple of grenades and pistol shots, probably because enemy is checking your danger level by looking at your weapons. So heavy wasn’t dangerous to him until other targets where just harder to shoot at. Second Chiron just run off the map after getting low on health. The goo cherons just sort of died out from GL and assault team that got close to them - smacked one with a hammer. Those silly buggers kept shooting goo at sniper and assault that stayed close to spawn and where not moving anywhere anyway.

Having said that, I do agree that Chirons are not well balanced. In my case they where in one corner of the map and could easily shoot at another edge, which doesn’t leave mich space to manuever. On a plus side, you can cheeze some by staying on the edge of the map and some shots willovershoot and just go into the void without causing any damage.

There are many ways. Shotgun the non-armored. I had a mission with 3 chirons, what i did is hide out of los, waited, peaked out with a dash to see if i was in range, and i went full on when they were close. If you have the perk that removes armor, you just destroy one part with sniper or heavy, and then your shotgun assault can have a field day. You could use marked for dead, but to be honest, i haven’t needed to use it in a very long time. A shotgun in any non armored part is already 400 damage, and you just need to remove that part with a sniper first.

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Purifying grenades or scarab and no problem with them.