Can you scrap a vehicle?

Probably a dumb question, but I started a new game, and stole a Tiamat from Anu. I can only accomodate two vehicles, so I then changed my mind - I wanted to build another Manticore.

I can’t for the life of me see how you can scrap a vehicle? Is this even possible?

Not at this time

That is truly disappointing. It should be so simple to implement.

Does the amount of vehicles you can have scale with the amount of bases, or is it always just two?

2 per powered hangar. This applies to round vehicles and aircraft

OK, thanks.

The only way to remove unwanted Vehicles, unwanted Soldiers is to use the console command to “remove” them out from a tactical mission.

To all Backer Build players who had played this game for many months leading to release, YOU FAILED miserably not able to give this simple feedback to the devs? Or the devs too lazy to even include this feature in?

Interestingly, the game allowed me to go ahead and steal another aircraft, despite already having two, and only one base (and hangar). I now have the Manticore, a Tiamat, and the Jericho chopper. Not sure what the downside is going to be, if any…

NB Screenshot shows 3/2 aircraft.