Double clicking and left click bug

During a mission the left click seems to double click or gets stuck. Thought this was a hardware issue but does not happen on windows or any other program. Tried changing the mouse too.

This usually happens when an animation or command was given to a character then you click on the left mouse to scroll the screen. You either get stuck on the left mouse + scroll option or you get to send useless commands.

Anyone know how to disable double-click option or remove left mouse button screen scroll?

Just bumping this thread, I’m having the same issue.

I’ve done all the usual double left click error troubleshooting (editing speed settings, toggling enhanced pointer, etc.) on two different mice (one wired, one wireless) and even installed a double click tracker, which always tells me there were no misclicks counted. And yes, this is only happening with Phoenix Point; every other program I’ve tested with these mice (mouses?) does not repeat the problem*. The almost constant screen drag is particularly annoying and the unwanted dashing and jump jetting is infuriating as I have to make a fresh save at the start of every turn to counteract it as best as I’m able. Save scumming my way through my first playthough wasn’t exactly what I had in mind!

This one issue aside, I’m absolutely in love with the game so hoping we can get this addressed soon.

*Actually, ironically enough, this sometimes happens with XCOM 2, but it’s so rare there that it only crops up once every dozen sessions, plus I play that with 900 mods at once so I figure it’s probably my own fault anyway. Playing PP fresh outta the box; 0 mods so that aint it in this instance and it happens about 50% of the time whenever I click anything in tactical. Doesn’t happen in Geoscape as far as I’ve noticed.

the next time this happens, if you could report it via the in game bug reporter (F12), the QA Team will get the data states to do a deeper analysis of the issue

Thanks, didn’t realize I could do that XD, will do!

Already did report it via bug reporter before posting. I hope the QA team got it.