V1.8 Update question

Is the V1.8 update live? I have Phoenix Point on Epic game launcher but it is still only on v1.7. why will my Phoenix point not update???

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Do you have maybe deactivate updates in the Epic launcher in the past?

I checked if I have auto updates enabled. Can I manually update???

Honestly, I don’t know, sorry.

Epic lanucher can be dumb. Try restarting only it esp. if you had a lot of time running up the PC with it. Seems it checks mostly on start. You will see it updates the game (“loads the PP picture”)

all updates are allowed even in epic game launcher

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my game is updated, in game version and epic game launcher show the version as 1.8 but the logo screen on epig game launcher show update 7: necronomicon, but the game is fine.