Use Medkit in Scarab

I am surrounded by Aplus throwing poison worms. I get my 3 guys into a scarab. They all have medkits. I can’t evacuate, because by the time I have got to a safe distance, so they can leave the scarab and heal, they have all bled to death. This seems very silly! I should be able to use a medkit while in the scarab.

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For every of your soldiers: Leave the Scarab for 2 AP, use the medkit for 2 AP and then immediately go back in the Scarab for 0AP. One after another and all is done in one turn. If they have no medkit in their ready slot then set them up in the scarab and do the above described prcedure in the next turn, the inventory is accessible from inside but switching cost 1 AP unless they have Ready for Action (Assault skill).

Using medkit an a vehivle = I would vote for it = :+1:

I don’t understand the problem, worms will not hurt your Scarab, although it is silly that the vehicle can’ destroy them rolling over.

About your soldiers @MadSkunky is right and I don’t like the system. soldier leaves the vehicle using 2 AP and entering is 0 AP. You have the required 2 AP for the use of a medkit in one turn or two turns(if they don’t have LV 5 assault ability)

Soliders can recover now inside (WP), using medkits seems logical too
EDIT: they can’t recover WP inside the vehicle even with 4 AP

Oh they can? Didn’t realise that …

It’s still bloody silly having to step outside the vehicle to heal in the middle of a group of enemies though!

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Last time I tried to recover WP in Scarab I got message “your soldier should be present at battlefield to recover”.

I read this in 1.9.3 patch notes:

"Stand By” ability now can be activated when inside a vehicle.

That is useful to keep the merry-go-round tabbing between units and always bouncing back to ones in the vehicle. But I agree, that they should be able to spend their AP inside a vehicle to heal or recover WP. Perhaps this is a small step forward…

The fun part is that if you put a virus’d soldier in the vehicle, they’ll “panic” then recover without exiting (I’m always in love with vehicles, they just make the game way more enjoyable).