PX Scarab reload questions

Can these be reloaded in the field (rockets?)

Also, will they reload like my soliders heal if I take them in an aircraft to a base or do I have to take it off the aircraft? Is there a way to tell when it’s been reloaded?

I like taking it on scavenging missions but I’m not sure about reloading them in the field and on the base?

They reload automatically outside of battlefield. So also in aircraft.

You still can’t reload them during combat.

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It would be good if Technicians could reload them in the field.

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Why technicians? Only New Jericho has technicians on their disposal. Wehicles should do it on their own with auto-loaders.

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Gives a different role to troops available to PP and also gives a reason to recruit them even if not allied to New Jericho. The game has set artificial limits and this could be another way to balance. I mean wtf hasn’t PP got trained techs already, it has R&D and manufacturing after all.

Thank you!

I guess they don’t reload in the field because they would be too OP.


IMO If you change the formula of fatigue / stamines after the mission, punishing for a prolonged battle (option of passive complication for the Difficulty Hero / Legend). You can reduce the missile capacity and add a reload (once per mission) with a “pause” of 3 turns. 75% + 75% instead of the current 100% + 0

This is some kind of option. Looks like more elegant than current “fire 4 rockets and forget about vehicle utility” (well most of it). But I don’t have time now to think if it is right or to recall how would I balance Scarab.

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I would suggest the following:

  1. Reduce Vehicle drop cost to 2 slots (Mutog should be 2 as well since they generally get slaughtered)
  2. Vehicles can’t move without a pilot
  3. A pilot has to be actively on board and driving to enable reload
  4. Reload takes 4 actions
  5. Add skills specific to piloting a vehicle that appear in the bonus attributes. They could add accuracy, movement range, ability to repair, faster reload, etc., or you could go whole hog and add a Pilot class (I would think to New Jericho)

I like your ideas! A dedicated pilot makes a lot of sense.

I currently tend to simply use the Scarab as a battle-field taxi to run up to an enemy, jump each solider out in turn, shotgun or pistol the enemy at short range, run away again. Rockets only used to soften-up Turn 1 or 2 groups. It’s effective but cheesy. So if I could give the vehicles more ‘native’ utility (e.g. reload rockets), while making getting in/out slower for soldiers, I wouldn’t be as ‘cheesy’. :slight_smile:

I hope that when the developers implement their planned ‘Vehicles/Mutog loadout and equipment’ feature into the game as shown on the Canny feedback page, that we should have to spend resources to replenish vehicle ammunition. At the moment vehicle ammunition always gets replenished for free, but the total amount of ammunition that vehicles can carry in missions is very limited. In real life vehicles can carry far greater reserves of ammunition than dismounted infantry, yet in Phoenix Point it works backwards.

Once the ‘Vehicles/Mutog loadout and equipment’ feature is implemented, I think vehicles should have significantly larger maximum allowable ammunition reserves than they do now, but with the difference that we should have to spend resources to manufacture and replenish vehicle ammunition we use between missions. I’ve fired so many Scarab Gemini V missiles in my current Phoenix Point campaign, but I have never needed to pay resources for any of them. It’s a bit immersion breaking when compared to always having to spend scarce resources in a post-apocalyptic setting to replenish small-arms ammunition for operatives.

There would also need to be an appropriate in-game user interface low-vehicle-ammo warning if players are about to deploy ground vehicles before starting missions. If vehicles were to have upkeep costs, then Mutogs should also need to eat food resource between missions (2 or 3 food per day?) once they get updated (Mutogs should cost mutagen AND food resources to make as well). Mutogs should require plenty of nutrition to keep them big, healthy and strong, and I want to be a responsible Mutog owner :upside_down_face:.


Can you provide a link on the Vehicle/Mutog Loadout discussion? I haven’t seen that yet.

Also, If they implement a food requirement on Mutogs they also have to implement an “Eat Corpse” action for them so they can simply feed on their prey in mission and not cost me Food. :smiling_imp:

I do like the idea of a hunger mechanic. It could work kind of like the Berserker Bloodlust making them faster and more ferocious, but with an increasing chance of frenzy where they attack anything in sight. Of course they need to be more wothwhile to bring in order for that to matter, but with Loadouts and such that will hopefully be rectified.

Imagine taking two starving, frenzied Mutogs onto the battlefield with a couple of infiltrator handlers that sit back and watch the carnage. :smiling_imp:

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Wehicles and nuclear wessels.

Here’s a link to the planned Vehicles/Mutog loadout and equipment feature.


Mutogs do currently have a ‘Devour’ ability by the way, that allows them to restore their own Hit Points equal to 50% of the maximum Hit Points of the enemy they have just killed with a melee attack. There is even a special animation that plays when this happens, where the camera pans around the Mutog chomping down on the enemy’s corpse :open_mouth:. So they pretty much already have an ‘Eat Corpse’ action.

The way the hunger mechanic works is that for each day an operative goes without food, their total hit points and encumbrance limit keep reducing until they eventually die. If a hunger mechanic were to be implemented for Mutogs, there would need to be consequences for not feeding them, like reductions in total hit points and melee damage, for example, but maybe also the consequence of them having the ‘Enraged’ status effect right at the start of a mission. A starving Mutog would probably be more difficult to control and would want to pounce and chomp on the first source of food within reach at the start of the mission, that is, your operatives :frowning:.

I’m hoping that when Mutogs do eventually get their big update, that they’ll finally have the potential to become the close combat nightmare monsters that they are meant to be. Even a maxed-out melee build operative armed with an Ancient Mattock or Scyther, should pale in comparison to what a Mutog could do once it gets close enough to enemies :fearful:.

I am hoping that too. Mutogs are very cool aspect but not used/balanced very well. All vehicles are just waiting their polish. I would like to have a skill tree like mechanic just not using exp but resources. And mutog needs to able to crush walls to be honest. I did not use it yet but from old youtube videos, It’s very limited when there are buildings.

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So I finally finished the campaign, for the first time since I got this thing over a year ago, and I’ve had more experience with vehicles now.

They have improved a lot more than I had thought at first. I found the Aspida particularly effective with the speed and ability to stun almost anything into submission in one or two hits. I also had a tough defense on the Mutagenic Gas site where I only had 3 guys and an Armadillo and I won it.

That thing saved my bacon by letting my guys tank out the Chirons and worms, disable the artillery, block approaches, scout, and act as cover, so I retract my initial statement, they are pretty solid in the current implementation.

I also got to play with a Mutog a bit, and they have improved but not enough. They are more tanky which they needed, but they are still not putting out enough of the hurt, and disabling the head is still too easy.

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