A stupid Scarab tactic but it works too much

I think this is a great game but a balance work is strongly needed.
Soldiers’ growth too fast and latest skill are over powered, Rage shot over all. But I’ve found a tactic with Scarab that broke the game, I think.
You can see a sample in thi video recorded by me.

The tactic simply consists of:

  1. have three soldiers in Scarab and move only using the vehicle
  2. approach an enemy and “park in reverse”
  3. Get the first soldier out, shoot an enemy with 2 APs left
  4. choose the soldier with the cursor and return it to the Scarab even if it no longer has AP
  5. do the same with the other soldiers
  6. go find the next enemy to kill in the next turn

With this boring tactic I killed 5 Sirens without problems. In fact the Sirens cannot make mental attack on the soldiers who are in the Scarab. Their physical attacks do very little damage to the vehicle (no more than twenty) and those small and frightened creatures (and I don’t think they wanted to look like this) can’t even escape.

The Scarab is immune to mental attacks, so are soldiers. Yet sirens can take control of soldiers through walls. This is not logical.
The other enemies also behave strangely. During the Pandora shift, they go around the map as if there were no enemy soldiers when there is a vehicle with three soldiers.

Some suggestions:

  1. Scarab available later in the game
  2. Allow the sirens to sign a mental attack on the soldiers inside the vehicle that, frightened, exits immediately
  3. Do not allow soldiers to enter the vehicle without AP

I hope for a patch that can really fix the balance. This is a wonderful game. I love the atmosphere, the concept, how skills are combined, this quick gameplay …
Please make this game the masterpiece it deserves to be.

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It´s a slow and boring tactic initially, once the aliens get their weapons upgraded your vehicle will get shredded to pieces. It´s a known tactic, just very few people using it. There are other ways to clear normal maps fast without even resorting to the final perks.

Yes, Have to agree with AurioDK.

That tactic is great is some situations, only reason that many of my crew are still breathing.

but just keep doing it and see!

I have had 2 Scarabs Scraped fairly quickly in later game.

I’m more annoyed that there is no way for your troops to pop out of vehicle turrets and shoot at the aliens. Fighting inside of a vehicle is perfectly reasonable, it’s one of the main advantages of a vehicle. And if you’re able to climb into them, it makes sense to have a mechanic of making use of them.

Having to pop your soldiers out 1 by 1 is tedious and time consuming, and enemies seem to have no idea how to fight vehicles properly, aside from waiting until they’re overpowered.

It seems most people here also forget that the vehicles are very limited on most of the maps. They cant´reach all parts of the map due to their size making them mostly obselete !

As stated works for awhile then a vehicle becomes a ‘Ronson’. But what happened to vehicles Ram attack? Can’t even drive over a Fireworm! Worked fir Ripley at Hadleys Hope!

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Was removed by the devs! Why? Nobody knows…

I miss devs here in the official forum. Noone cares about what we discuss here it seems…a pitty!

I managed to get a reply from them in one of my feedback threads. Hopefully, this means they are paying attention.

I was really surprised when I found I could not run over human sized enemies.