Upgrading Soldiers

Since downloading the ‘Ancients’ DLC, points spent on soldiers stats have no effect. Abilities are registered and any negative effects are recorded (-4 willpower for ‘Sniperist’ for example) but points spent on boosting Strength, Willpower or Speed are wasted. These stats do not change once you have exited the screen.
Is it just my install? I have de-installed and will re-install in a day or so.

There is a bug that causes the strength, WP and speed to reset if they are changed first and then one selects am ability next. If one goes back from another soldier, the earlier changes can be reapplied.

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Does it mean that, for example, if on day 10 I buy for a soldier a strength, willpower or speed increase, and then on a following day I buy for them an ability which increase that stat again (e.g. Strongarm, Watchful or Quarterback), the Ability stat is not applied, or does it happen only whenever buying a stat increase followed by a stat-increasing Ability for the same soldier in the same instance?

The latter, it happens in the one session.

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Thank you very much