New Will Points (WPs) and training Skill Points (SPs)

I’ve just started a new game on the Hero level. I now notice two very profound new game features.

  1. On a Haven Defence mission, it seems that WPs are the most important factor. Since there are more friendly units on the map, there are more opportunities to lose WPs. If you aren’t close to the friendly units, I find that I’m in a race to reach them before my soldiers all panicking. The reason is due to too many friendly units dying before I’m able to assist in their defence. So I find myself spending SPs on Willpower before anything else to try to prevent this problem. I’m not sure if the reduction of speed goes hand in hand with the issue. But I will probably be first striking more and certainly be more likely to consider using WPs less unless I am able to get a first strike advantage using them.

  2. Scavenger missions present a very unique opportunity to earn 10 SPs for soldiers without doing much. I typically appreciated the completion of the mission effort and consequential benefit of the experience and SPs gained. I was never too concerned about the resources one gained, because there’s easily enough to be gained through trading. But now rookie soldier can simply evacuate without doing much and gain 10 SPs. But they can be a great place to train soldiers if the map layout suits. Just don’t go too deep into the map and let the enemy come to you. Bring plenty of ammo and medkits!

Ambush missions are a good opportunity, too

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I have always concentrated on WP over speed. Then strength, especially for heavier and techs.

First issue should be solved by making death penalty only within a faction. So both civilians and defenders dying should not lower Phoenix Project WP.

Second “issue” should be tied to experience gained. I would even go back to SP only gained after leveling up, but that would require a lot of changes how levels are granted.