Recruits : low base stats and broken sp progression?

Hi !
I’ve been delighted to replay PP with the Danforth update and gave a shot at PP Recruits (with the basic strategy to recruit one soldier from a specific class, then training them in a dedicated base with multiple training centers).

My first surprise was : the recruit base stats (strength, will, speed) are way below the base stats from my starting squad - so I basically have to invest “more” SP to compensate - and it’s probably tied to the recruit cost? The lower the recruitment cost, the lower the stats?

My second (bad) surprise was : the SP gained from level to level seemed… “low” ; unfortunately I haven’t kept track of that, but it seems that a PP recruit trained in a PP base gains “less” SP when gaining a level.

I don’t know if it’s a design choice (in that case, it’s poorly communicated) or if it’s a bug.

Leviathan patch notes:

Training and Soldier Progression

  • Soldiers will gain fewer Skill Points (SP) when they level up (20 down from 50) but will gain 10 SP for every successful mission.
    • This will make soldiers levelled solely with training facility less efficient then battle experienced soldiers.
  • Soldiers will continue to receive SP even at max level making maxing out a souldier possible (it will still take a lot of missions to do so).

It’s a design choice.

Recruit cost is not tied to stats, or 3rd row skills

Only food, at base, provides soldiers without armor and weapons.

On faction havens, you could find recruits requiring food but also materials and tech if they have augmentations or weapons

Thanks for the pointer about the difference between XP to SP and Missions to SP !

Nethertheless… since the recruit stats are not visible (only the class and the food cost - or I just missed something), I wonder why the recruit has way worst stats than my starting soldiers.

I mean, instead of like 20 Strength 9 Will and 14 Speed ; the recruit was about 15 Str 6 Will and less than 14 Sp… Kinda disappointing.