Unseen triton shots vfx coming fromrandom directions

every other ranged attack seems to originate from where the enemy is on the map but tritons seem to not follow this

to elaborate, imagine a triton is hiding somewhere in the top right of the map and you haven’t found it yet. It shoots you but each time the vfx of bullets appears from different directions such as above you, literally under your feet, behind and every other direction

the moment you can see it or the red pillar of light indicating the location of the triton is spotted then this issue stops happening.

There are multiple problems with the camera/viewing system at the moment.

For example:

  • locking onto a different enemy when the Triton releases mist
  • Focusing in close on an enemy sniper when it fires so you cannot see whether your soldier was hit or not
  • same with with the chiron firing
  • fog of war not disappearing unless 2 soldiers go into it.
  • when the camera goes cinematic, still seeing the health bars of enemies that are behind the camera