Statistics about PP Bases locations

I hope it would be useful and inspiring - to suppose where it is worth looking for all 6 bases on the globe.
So I’ve got 3 in the Africa, 1 in the Arctic, 1 in Alaska and last one in Dominicana.
*Anu as usually occuppies both Americas.

Here are my 6:

Georgia (former USSR)
North East India
Dominican Republic
North East Brazil

West Europe / North Africa / East Africa / India / Mid America(usa)

Wow almost balanced base locations! Never hear about 3 bases in South America. Did you started here? I mean, feels like 2 bases are generated near first one, 2 in midrange and one as far as possible from first.

@0nton I listed the bases in the order I found them, which is why it took me an absolute age to find the final four!

It took me a while to find the Indian one too; the little blighter was hiding just out of range of several scans :rage: