Ultrawide Monitors 21:9?


I’ve had a look through the forum and couldn’t find a definitive yes or no as to whether resolutions such as 3440*1440 work out the box.

Can anyone confirm this option is in the game, maybe a quick screenshot or two ?


They posted on their Tweeter a screenshot of the game running on ultra wide monitor.

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I have it running on 5120x1440 (32:9) so you will be fine.

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This game perfectly support my two ultrawide monitors with resolution 3440x1440. Perfectly!

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Thanks for the replies all, appreciate it… can purchase the game now :metal: :facepunch:

Another here with a ultra wide monitor game looks great. No distortion or stretching.

The UI actually scales nicely on wider resolutions. https://gyazo.com/f30d95d54d2e5e2acd80e150e75fd8cc

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