BB4 Issue with 3840x1080


I’m the lucky owner of a brand new Samsung 49" LED Gaming monitor (C49HG90) with a resolution of 3840x1080 (32:9 screen ratio), basically the resolution of two side by side 27" monitors.

I ran BB4 on Windows 10, the resolution is supported in the launch menu but the interface does not scale properly, making the game unusable in that resolution. Switching back to 1920x1080 (that uses half the screen) shows proper interface with correct “object” size on screen.

Thanks in advance for looking into it :wink:


Same here with resolution 3840x1440

Also having this issue at 2560x1080 - game mostly playable but several menus are not scaled right, unable to equip all 8 units to the vehicle because the UI clips into the menu at the bottom

clearly Ultrawide support is broken with BB4.

Yeah, ultrawide is busted and makes the game unplayable.

Either add proper support to ultra wide (which is better) or at least add black bars on the sides to make it playable for now.

Also, I can’t set the resolution to fullHD while fullscree, the game returns to ultrawide (I’m stuck playing on windowed)

I think the release your screen resolution is

You know the game isn’t ready yet? :slight_smile: Early access is still alpha build with many functionalities missing. There are threads how to refund if you wish so.

Surely the “black bars” is something you should be able to do yourself? It’s been years since I used that feature so maybe it has changed, but aren’t you able to set in screen options to not stretch smaller resolutions? The last time I did that was before windows10 though.

While the game might be unfinished, if said resolution is advertised as supported, it is only fair to expect it to be supported.

That is what I said, I can’t select other resulutions while in fullscreen (it is locked on my monitor Aspect Ratio)