Bug issue with 3840x1080

So I think I’d enjoy the game…but I can’t play it. Why? Well I have an ultra wide monitor. The game properly defaults to 3840x1080. So then I play through the first couple of missions which are all tutorial (and you can’t save during them), and apparently no way to skip…probably a button below some screen I can’t see. After which you apparently get to your base/geoscape. I don’t know for sure…because 2 things happen at this point. First there is an overlay in the center of the screen that is telling me stuff…but it clearly appears to extend below my screen…and also it freezes up and I can’t escape out or do anything…probably because I need to click some button that doesn’t appear…because it’s below the screen. The only work around that I’ve found is to play it in a window at 1768x992 (despite the fact that 1920x1080 should fit…because if I put it in a window…you get a border and then it drops off the screen a bit. So ultimately it looks like crap and if you won’t let it run in 3840x1080 then it shouldn’t be a default option in my graphic settings. I hope you can find a fix sometime. Oh…right…I can do 1920x1080 without a window…but instead of just full screening it in the middle of my monitor when I do like most games do…it stretches it to fit the 3840x1080 and looks even worse. Very disappointing.

I have a similar issue. I am gaming at 3440x1440 and when I reach geoscape in tutorial I can’t progress, I had to quit the game twice.

On Xbox pass for PC.

So I tried it in a window at a much lower setting…and a) it looks like crap that small…but b) I found that not only was there a choice to skip the tutorial (I didn’t) that was off the screen, the lock up didn’t happen…but it’s still at a much lower resolution that looks like crap…so…yeah.

Yea I am having the same issue. I personally think Microsoft should pull the game until it gets fixed!