[Request] Ultrawide monitor support

Setup: i9 7940x / RTX 2080 Ti / 64g Ram / M.2 SSD EVO / Windows 10 Pro
Resolution 5760 x 1080

Issue: Menu and HUD are stretched across all three displays.

Ask: Allow the HUD/Menu Area be adjustable and be able to set parameters. I would love to be able to see all of my options on the main screen (middle monitor).

lol. To be true playing in strategy game with top down view should be on more square screen. Middle monitor should be enough for you, because side monitors will be outside of the map. :smiley:

I understand I may be the minority in this, however widescreen should be supported regardless. When every major RTS release has ultra wide support it’s hard to argue why it shouldn’t have it.

I don’t agree with your statement that a “top down view should be on more square screen.” I recommend trying a RTS on an ultra wide setup, it’s hard to go back.

These are recent titles that have ultra wide support

Iron Harvest (still in early access) has support
Mutant Year Zero: has HUD support
Battletech 2018
Valkyria Chronicles 3-4
Total War (from Empire on) series has triple monitor support.
Home-world Remaster and Kharak (2016)

I was just joking. :slight_smile: Of course it shoud have such support. But I think that it would still be too much for me in Phoenix Point. :slight_smile:

I have been wanting multi-monitor support in Strategy and RPG games since Windows 98, I remember when I set my first multi-monitor setup in Win98 by plugging in a PCI video card and hooking two CRT monitors up to my computer, I was thinking “I wonder what games will be like with multiple monitors?” Alas, I was young and foolish and no games supported it.

Imagen playing a strategy game where you have the mini-map on one monitor and unit loadout on the other monitor, it could be so great. The same thing could work on ultrawides, where you have the main map on the normal monitor space but have other menus pulled out fully on the other monitors. Being able to pull up the Phonexpedia on one screen or a section of screen while having the main game visible on your main screen would be great.