UI Suggested Improvements

Here is my list of feedback specific to UI:


  1. List all stats for a soldier on the training screen including Accuracy, Perception, Stealth (preferably with Base/Equipped)
  2. Show assignment (base/aircraft) on equipment screen
  3. I understand that with multiple weapons being equipped it may be hard to do side-by-side comparison tooltips. One possible solution is adding a checkbox to equipped boxes to do the comparison against (not needed for boxes that only accept one type of equipment such as pieces of armor). When hovering over storage equipment if the equipment matches either the checked equipment box or only fits one equipment slot the comparison can pop up as a tooltip.


  1. I would love an option to choose how many of an item I want to make, perhaps with ±5 and ±10 options.
  2. Collapsed item list (if I am making 5 of something, put them all under one list with either an x5 or Count:5). If we want to change how many are being made give us ± controls.
  3. Allow finer control moving items up or down the queue.

Haven Trade

  1. Again, ±5 and/or bigger increments such as 25, 50, or even All.


  1. Aircraft should NOT auto-unpause on action (or at least make that an option).
  2. Idle aircraft need icon or something to represent they are not actively doing something (travel, explore) on main UI. It is extremely easy to lose track of an aircraft as the numbers increase especially when combined with previous point.
  3. Mission list / Haven attacks should either be collapsible or accessed from a different screen. Pop up a notification about an attack with a pause, but then clear it from the UI when acknowledged. Otherwise multiple attacks on havens starts to clutter up the UI.

There seems to be some inconsistencies in input behavior depending on context. If I right click in some instances it automatically moves or performs an action. Other times it backs out of a choice. Left click always seems to do expected behavior, right click should probably stick to canceling. If I want to force an action (like move right away) make it a modifier like Shift+left click.

Not all keybindings appear to be in the control list in game. Z and C for controlling level in the tactical map being one example I can think of. Hopefully all controls will be listed with the necessary keybinding configuration feature I hope will be added soon.

Side Note: When creating a topic in the forum on a mobile device if the title is too short it will pop up an error that keeps returning anytime the title is shorter than required. This makes it difficult to create sufficient title length in portrait mode because the error can hide the text.


I Second That @Tsudico

My biggest issue with the game right now is the UI - Mainly within the Personnel and Geoscape

Another thing I would ask for in Personnel is the ability to sort my soldiers by class, level, or location. In the mid game I tend to buy tons of soldiers and leave them all in a base with 3 training centers in it. When I have 20 soldiers in a base, scrolling through them can be disorienting.

In addition I’ve noticed that any time I open a character’s loadout and then return to the personnel screen, the list of soldiers is scrolled all the way to the top again. If I want to get back to where I was I have to scroll again.

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I was about to create a topic asking for this before it found it for me.

I’d also suggest showing the WP/AP costs of abilities in the Training screen so you know how much willpower you’ll need to use the ability effectively BEFORE taking the soldier into combat.