Item sorting recommendations/fixes:

In a Xcom-like game, you should always strive to create a UI that requires as few a clicks as possible, and with as clear information as possible easily at display.
And this game can promote a cluttered item/manufacturing screen, aswell as activley create more clicks needed.

  • First and foremost, reducing required amount of clicks:
  1. New recommended feature:
    “Ctrl + Click” a sorting button, will select that Sorting option, and deselecting everything else!
    This way, you can with a simple 2-button combo, eliminate everything but that one class you are looking for equipment.
    Ex 1:
    “Entering Manufacturing and have to move your mouse over each individual sorting button to deselect other classes?”
    Ctrl + Click, and you got the one class you want!
    Ex. 2:
    “Looking at items for one class, but then quickly want to switch to another class without having to select the new class, and deselect your current one?”
    Ctrl + Click, and you are there!
    An easy to implament feature that would help SO MUCH! :slight_smile:

  2. Switching between “Manufacture” and “Scrap items” should remember your current setting when it switches.

Second - we need to be able to have WAY more and better filters!
Filtering for items per class, should be a secondary filtering, not the main one!
If this was something that was EXTRA options over a solid standard item sorting, it would be a nice feature - but as the main form of sorting?
If I for instance are looking into crafting a Shotgun, I have to 1; know that I need to select assault specificaly. 2; Have to look through Healing items, grenades, assault rifles - when I just want to craft some Shotguns.

  • Item sorting Recommendetions:
  1. Top horizontal TABS extended to 4 buttons, instead of the current 3.
    Equipment, Armor, Vehicles and UTILITY!
    The Utility tab will be for all consumable items that otherwise CAN NOT be sorted away from Equipment.
    This way, you can remove from displaying Healing items and Grenades on every single list, on every single class. Thus, reducing the amount of items in your face when you may be looking for weapons specifically, and have an easy, less cluttered page dedicated to grenades and healing that could be easier to find under their own Tab that fit their description -

  2. Vertical Row should be supplemented with 1 additional row of selections for specific weapons.
    This, in combination with my recommended “Shift+Click” sorting feature, could enable you to PIN POINT filter out everything except the very specific weapon or item you are looking for.

  3. The Option to “Hidde Ammunition”.
    Mind you, if all of the above fixes would be addressed, then this suggestion could really be rather moot point.
    As it is now, this Option would, and I am spitballing this number, roughly reduce the amount of items in the Equipment tab by 30-40%.
    And the obvious question is - why would you care?
    Well, because you have to go to manufacturing to craft weapons and armors - especialy if you do not have a pre-existing copy of said item, and they will take time to craft and prepare.
    Ammunition on the other hand, is both INSTANT to craft, and can easily be accesible by clicking the “+Ammo” button in a soldiers Equipment page.
    Thus, showing ammunition at all times, is a rudamentary feature that could be toggled on or of for a clearer item view.

These are some of my suggestion that would make item managment much easier.