Feedback: Menus Need Improvement

Summary of Menus in Phoenix Point

Menus much bad.

Manufacture and Research

Can we get some drag and drop functionality in the Manufacture and Research screens? It’s kind of annoying to sort them, otherwise. You could also add in little arrows, for adjusting them.

You should add in the ability to keep making certain items, so we can keep producing grenades or such when there’s nothing else important to make. As @Lemdoran wisely pointed out, there should also be settings to produce a certain number of items, or until your stock meets a specific quota.

They had features like this in the original Enemy Unknown, didn’t they?

Assigning Soldiers to Craft/Bases

It’s really annoying to manually click on the transfer button, then click on the plane/base you want to move the soldier to, for every single soldier, every time you want to swap them from a plane to a base.

Maybe you should have some multi-select functionality, so we can shift-click and select a lot of guys to reassign at once? The Personnel screen is short of features at the present, anyway.

Equipment Screen

PLEASE automatically reload our guns, after a mission. Having to manually do this is just stupid and pointless. I don’t care what your excuse is as none is good enough: JUST DO IT.

When you give us the option to replace spent grenades and equipment, it seems to not work. It seemed like it only set one grenade to be manufactured, even though I used several.

As several people mentioned, you need to have it that when we mouse over equipment, there is a second window that shows our current equipment’s stats for comparison.


Trading seems poorly balance, but I’m not here to talk about that.

What I’m here to talk about is why under Heaven do we have to click on the trade button a gazillion times to trade anything!? There are literally hundreds of better ways to arrange the trade system, so why did you make the trade system into COOKIE CLICKER of all things!?

Just make it easier to trade large amounts of stuff if we want to.

There are likely other examples. Others can feel free to post them.

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On the same flow;

-Having a button to order “ever in stock” material will be cool. Like, if i want to ever have 20 ammo clips of one type in stock, i’ll love that the game make me able to automate the crafting when i use one. Especialy considering in the lore the phoenix base seem ruled by an AI.

-As of gear equiping UI, a “classical in hack and slash genre” will be cool; When you aim at an armor (or weapon, or whatever) in your armory, i’ll love to have his stats AND the stats of the curently equiped same-type gear visible at same time, for easier comparison.


This might already exist but I haven’t found it. Could there be a way to compare the stats of two weapons or armour?

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Yeah, this game does a really bad job at using the space of the screen. I played games on handhelds packing alot more information on the screen without getting too convoluted or bad to control with the gamepad.

There should be a single screen showing the team of a manticore left-to-right (and base as space permits), with skills, effective stats, equipment (sans backpack). Weapons (or entire loadout) and team members can be replaced, during picking the replacement stats would be overlayed with ±.


Agreed. Better still, assign soldiers to a team, and just have a ‘Transfer Team’ button.


Yeah, and you can drag and drop them into the teams. Good idea.

The jury is out on this. Because resources are often tight, when they’re low, I can imagine a scenario where I get distracted and lose track. Then I wonder why I don’t have any.

I’m going to guess that this is a design decision, to give the player control. After some missions, replenishing ammo can take lets say 50 to 100 materials, depending on squad size and composure. That’s not a decision to be taken lightly, so this is probably why it was left manual.

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Can the ammo cost you up to 100 materials? I guess there might be some more expensive types later in the game. Still, they do have a screen that asks you if you want to replenish your grenades and such, just include ammo in that. So, if you see Replenish All says it will cost 200 materials and 50 tech to replenish all, you can decide not to do that, and select what to replenish.

However, if you DO replenish ammo, it should reload your guns!! I do not want to play a game where I need to manually reload over 8 guns every mission.

Well, as for the amounts, I’m really not sure - I can’t bring them to mind right now, but let’s say you have an eight man team, and you used ~16 clips and 6 medkits. I did a lair last night and this was about right. I dunno what that represents, but it’s quite a lot. Later on, when you have missions that support teams of 16 (I haven’t got there yet) I can see this expanding exponentially.

All I can say is that by default, I don’t want the game spending my resources. However, as you say, a ‘Replenish all gear’ button, with a cost, would be useful. Even better would be sub-options, such as ‘Replenish all weapon ammo’, ‘Replenish all (for want of a better phrase) offensive gear uses (turrets, spider drones, mech arms etc)’, and ‘Replenish Medkits’.

IIRC, medkits and such cost more than 10 times as much as ammo, unless late game ammo gets a lot more expensive. Expensive ammo like rockets is generally used less frequently, so that should reduce costs, hopefully.

Either way, the point is to avoid having to go through the Personnel screen every time to reload manually.

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It wants ten characters before I can reply, so I typed this.

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Characters well spent indeed :slight_smile:

Well, I could have been playing the sodding game, which I’m going to do now. lolz

I figure chatting on these forums is more fun and less frustrating, meself. Hope you enjoy yourself, though. Cya later.

Agreed also. It’s rare to get trolls or flamers on here, which makes it a rare ‘haven’ in itself.

Very true. The worst I’ve seen is the heated arguments over Return Fire, and a few back-handed comments from that. Those fights seem to have broken down at this point, and it’s all quite peaceful–so long as you are not a Phoenix Point developer :wink:

I might post some stuff in an off-topic section, since the community seems decent.

I say go for it. The devs do read these noodlings (of course), so there is definitely value in anything you commit to the medium in terms of feedback, and I’m sure anything off-topic would be well received.

In other news, I just went for a piss, then came back to my chair and went a bit wobbly. I don’t think I’m sober enough to play the bloody game now.

But not that pissed that I could play for a bit, totally f*ck up, then reload tomorrow and not remember, not having the labour of backtracking. Best left, I say.

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Oh, and this:

Likely it’s imagined that only small amounts will be traded. I’m just spamming food and trading that, and the left click on my mouse is wearing out.

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Some games are best played drunk, as men would not be brave enough to play them otherwise.

Adding to the squads faff, I’d like to see an option when you recruit a new squaddie, as to where they go. Not just magically appearing at your first base. It’s a hastle getting bases manned.

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