Two tips fighting Scyllas and mist

Fighting against Scylla in havens or Citadels.

If you use Mist Repeller Module for Techinican you are “harvesting” WP passing through the mist, on top of that you remove the mist.
Technician get WP without risk many times, and those WP are used to heal/recover limbs, also for multiple activations of the turrets in the same turn
Assault soldiers with dashing is another good option for that Module.

And Heavy with Biochemist 3rd row skill is specially interesting with Deceptor MG, panicking the Scylla , if you use Rage Burst the Scylla is not a problem anymore.


I find it strange that the Mist Repeller Module grants a ‘Breathe Mist’ ability when it is supposed to only repel mist. According to the (outdated) Phoenix Point PDF manual, it seems that the Priest class was originally supposed to have a Breathe Mist ability that allowed Priests to consume surrounding mist to replenish their Will Points. But for some reason the Breathe Mist ability got cut out of the Priest class and was transferred to the Mist Repeller module instead. I don’t get that.

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who knows what happened…