How do you use Breathe Mist?

I have a Repeller Module on one of my units and they are in an area of mist with full action points, but I cannot figure out how to use Breathe Mist to clear some of it out. It looks like there’s supposed to be a new ability on the ability bar for the unit but it’s not there.

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The ability is passive, and activates whenever you move your soldier through the mist, and you need to move.

If you run through it with a Soldier that has the Mist Repelant module on their helmet and nothing happens, then there is something really broken.

Sooo, if you have a soldier standing next to a enemy you want to shoot, you would still need to spend AP to move to clear up the Mist…
It is a little busted the way it is.

For me, it does work in removing the mist (if I use a move action - no other action) but it does NOT give back any WP for the consumed mist.

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Hmm, it seems inconsistent. First turn mist fell on my team. The techy with the breathe mist ability was inside it. I moved on turn 2 but nothing happened until the beginning of turn 3 when the mist around the techy’s new location cleared up. I moved again on turn 3 but no mist was removed again, and none was removed at the beginning of turn 4 either.

For me the same, also my mist repeller modules in bases, even with power up, doesnt do anything. Dont know if i m wrong with something

@Cla666 It takes a while for the mist repellers to push it back. You should slowly start to see the area expand.