Make Scyllas resistant to war cry

War Cry is overpowered and limit a lot of Scyllas action (as ddo with Sirens)… to a beast like that it should not be frightened with a human cry… so I suggest to make Scyllas resistant to it or at least to lose only 1AP.

Make Scyllas resistant to war cry | Voters | Phoenix Point

Even if you make Scyllas immune to all kind of negative effects (psychic cry, war cry, mind control, virus, disturbing head, sonic damage and more), you will find a way to abuse her.

War Cry is commonly used because you have an early access to this ability while other abilities are accessable later in game. Since scylla appear later in game, most time you have access to better CC already. If you are lucky and a worm firing Chiron is present, you can mind control these worm and block the movement of the scylla. Worms have only 1 WP maintenance cost and with 4 worms, each in one direction, you can fully block its movement.

It is so silly the game not implementing ramming, you don’t need worms from Mutoids or MC, you can use spider drones and Chirons, vehicles, Cyclops, Scyllas can’t do a thing (well, some Scyllas could jump), this kind of things, that obviously devs are aware of, are not understandable in a strategy game.

So it is up to us to avoid “cheesy” tactics all the time, it is exhausting

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the difference between own worms and MC worms, enemy never attack mind controlled mates, which make it easily abuseable. Especially in Nest raids, where you just MC the 1 or 2 first appearing athrons, give them enrage and let them roam until you reach the objective.

I mean, even if you fix this kind of abusement, players are creative to find a new way to cheese things, its an endless fight agains windmills.

And that is the reason to ask for Second Wave Options, or a clear differentiation between Rookie/Veteran and Hero/Legend

I don’t use MC or 20 WP, too easy

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AI can’t handle any kind of chaff - spider drones, worms, infiltrator decoys. All of these are cheap and reliable ways to make AI waste it’s turn.

MC’ed chaff is ignored by the enemy.

knowing SG couldn’t fix AI was the biggest letdown

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A Siren spending AP/WP to MC a worm is already a win for player. A mutoid spams 4 per turn anyway.

And if you talk about player MC-ing enemy chaff, then as noted this can be used to deny enemy movement by boxing them in.