Turrets shouldn't target paralysed enemies

As it says in the title. It’s annoying when you’ve put a lot of effort into paralysing a chiron or siren and your turret decides to shoot them instead of the other enemies that are actually a threat. Usually they die because you’ve lowered their health and disabled a part or two to get the paralysis to that threshold.


Agreed. Turrets should have better AI. No shooting paralyzed targets, and no targeting friendly troops unless the troop fired on the turret first, thus marking it as an enemy.

Speaking of bad AI friends

Spider bots need to have better path finding. Half the time they blow up not near an enemy target

Yeah I dunno why they don’t blow up RIGHT next to a target. They always walk like four meters away and then blow up, and sometimes that’s not even within range to deal damage

I agree with the turrets, but I appreciate what they are doing with the spiders. They seem to seek out maximum damage, positioning themselves between enemies so that most get hit.

Manual control for both needs to be made easier and less tedious. That’s the reason I stopped using both in the end. Maybe even not have it as ability at all; just a toggle that works as long as you have an engineer nearby ?

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I agree. Would also be fine with them bumping the AP cost up to 2 and removing the willpower cost. Honestly, fighting with a remote control turret from behind cover should feel safer than fighting yourself so it should really recover will points, haha.

I haven’t tried the spider bots but if they’re more for scouting, as the description implies, then they should maybe remain at 1 AP cost.