Wish sentry guns and spider mines were ai controlled like before

Its annoying AF to have to control 8+ soldiers and 13 sentry guns and like 50 mines…
Turns the game into a snore fest… I preferred when they were ai controlled.

I was hoping if i ended my turn the ai would kick in and control them but apparently it just skips their turns now and they dont do anything unless i control each god damned single one of them over and over :l

If people like the manual control then a good compromise would be they all fire automatically at the end of your turn/go into overwatch if you didnt do anything with them.

If the devs wont do it ill pay a modder 25$ to make the sentry guns/spider mines great again.
Just lemme know if your interested in modding them in.

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That’s a lot… The problem with AI controlled turrets and spider drones is that they more often than not do something stupid and harmful.

I have never deployed more than 3 turrets at a time and before this change it was very common for a turret to shoot at an enemy through one of my operatives…

BTW, the AI does take over if there are no techies/infiltrators (or they are panicked)

Anyway, if someone wants to mod that, great, but I would rather keep control of my turrets and not have expend their APs to make sure they don’t do something stupid on their turn.


After placement drones and turrets have a free turn on the next turn. As we mentioned, at times their AI was useless and/deadly to friendlies.

Sounds like that is YOUR fault. Not the sentry gun.
You shouldnt be standing in the line of fire, no?
Ive never gotten shot by my own sentries if i recall.

Well, when I put the guy there he wasn’t on the line of fire of anything. But because turrets shoot after the enemy move it often happened that an enemy positioned itself in such a way as to have an operative between it and the turret.

TBH, what I find objectionable and counter-intuitive is the time at which turrets get to shoot: either they shoot during the players turn (so before enemies get to act) or after the enemies are done acting, when what I expect from an auto turret is for it to shoot while the enemy is moving.

So let me put the turret on overwatch and limit manual control to one casting per device…



Yeah i kinda forgot, for some reason i thought they shot after your turn.
I guess a solution would have been to simply change when turrets fire.

Regardless i still preferred the ai even with the faults.
Maybe im just a lazy person and hate micro managing.

Personally, I would also prefer control by AI, especially with many spiders and turrets you spend more time with the robots than with the team. Also: Since the manual control, I have noticed that the turrets (especily Scorcher AT with 600 damage) are crazy overpowered.

If the turrets were to fire directly after the player, the risk of friendly fire would be minimized. But then the turrets would do their damage in turn 1. Since they are already no-brainers, such a change would not necessarily be more tactically enriching. Maybe from the next turn and then after each players turn?

Yes they are, and not only Scorcher. It’s insane DPS.

Some nerf to turrets and/or manual control is something many of us are asking for.

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I personally think that turrets should ONLY be able to use overwatch (which you could choose to set in your turn [to cover a specific area] or it would revert to the “automatic control” style.)

Then, you can direct fire them with techies etc as we do now. I feel this would be a more logical feel for “auto turrets”

Spiders I MUCH prefer to manually control. They can do some funny things on auto, but, you get more bang for your buck manually. I’ve had 3x spiders walk over to an enemy, blow up, do no damage (because of a tiny “something” in the way). Rince, repeat 2 times… sigh

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Manually controlling drones is a plus. As scouts and to draw the enemy into line of fire.

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