Spider drones and mindcontrol

After a few times having this “issue”, I decided to post it here as a feedback.
It’s in my opinion, terrible how those autonomous drones chose their targets. They are used for many reasons, but definitely not to kill your own troops. They have a perfectly fine siren in range, they could damage it bad, therefore making it a free kill for the rest of your soldiers, thus liberating the mindcontroled soldiers, but why not instead happily turn around and go kill the 2 mind controled soldiers this exact siren is holding?
If something could be done in an upcomming patch to “fix” this, it would be great. These drones are a big part of my tactical strategy, and I’m scarred AF everytime I see a mind controler enemy just because of this…

Beside that, the game is great, and I’m glad of my purchase. Thanks a lot for the amazing work!

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I agree that’s a total pain. Just like the Pandorans don’t attack their own units once they’re mind controlled, (with the exception of return fire), I think it would be nice if our mechanical units didn’t target PP units that were mind controlled. Can I suggest using a technicians level 3 ability, manual control, to take control of said spider drone(s) on the turn of deployment, (i.e., deploy drone(s), change to technician, use manual control over the drone(s), move the drones to your target (in your case the siren), explode drone(s)). Yes, this will use up some of the technicians will points, as well as 1-3 APs, however, you have complete control over who/what gets attacked.

Better fix their AI, I don’t remind turrets shooting at controlled soldiers, or to kill mindfragger and often without damages to soldier.

Another fix is they should evaluate better obstacles blocking explosion, for their movement but also for the explosion that should not be only a distance trigger.