Auto Turrets need to be reactionary instead of Seperate turn

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is what I see… Mind you, Turrets are deployed already…

I do all my actions, get set up…

Enemies take their actions…

Auto Turrets Take their actions… Like a whole separate turn ,ya?

My beef is a Mind Fragger runs right in front of two Turrets, hops on a guys face, soon as alien activity ends, both turrets take aim at the Fragger and paint the walls with my squaddiie… Mind you, yes, the fragger died… but uh… Maybe have the auto turrents on an over watch setting? Cause at this point you can seriously end up ambushing your own squad. I’ve had turrets swing completely around and take aim at targets on the other side of a squaddie.


I definitely feel like the turret operation could be tweaked a bit. The very last point sounds more like a needing to get used to friendly fire again sort of situation. Gotta be careful of sight lines.

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Try using multiple turrets on a map with melee units. You’ll see what I mean.

Perhaps they will fix those turrets but in my experience they did well some games while in other ones they sit ducks. If they ment to be auto turret it would be nice if they fire on them self on the most convenient target I.a. chooses and have overwatch every turn or if they had no target to shoot at (they just fire back at this time I guess)

To me, the turrets should act as if they are in overwatch, but of course, only able to react once per turn maybe more if ungradable, excuse being, they can only fire once per turn so as to cool down.
Turrets having a separate turn just feels wrong somehow.

I’ve stopped using them entirely since a turret is a death sentence if one of your guys gets mind fragged. Turrets on auto-overwatch would probably be an improvement. Right now it feels like having an imperial commissar in my own ranks!

I don’t use them because of 4 reasons:

  • they can’t be picked up during mission and relocated with my team (if the map is small and open this is not a big deal, but then there are many obstacles they become useless if deployed in wrong place)
  • we can’t take them back to base, so they are like one time solution for that particular mission (even if deployed in good place) something similar to grenade, or spare missile, but those are cheaper than the turret (grenades ~10 materials / 1 tech, missile 20/1, and the turret is 20/4) so too much tech for me for a single mission use.
  • they can mutilate your teammate if he gets cought by mindfragger (of course you can try to stay away from turret line of sight after deployment but this is inconvenient)
  • they are quite heavy compared to other equipment, weighting just like Deceptor (which could be fine if we would be able to pick them up, but as a single place solution you may need several of them, and then your soldier will become overloaded).

Until 3 first points will be fixed I probably won’t use turrets.

And I think that effects like turret turn, bleeding and other like that could be moved at the end of each faction turn. I don’t need them to overwatch in enemy turn.

For Raid: Turrets currently Return Fire and have a special turn (Allies turn) where they can take one shot independently.

For Amour: I will give that a shot next time I’m able. Never even occurred to me to try and bring more than one (don’t have a second tech, and they’re heavy as heck).

The auto fire on mindfragged squad is definitely rough, and the only way to ease up on it that I can see if to make them just not fire in that situation.
Them catching you in the cross hairs during other shots is partly due to the currentlyassively extended Los we have, and partly due to positioning. Options could be - allow player to fire turret instead of ai, or disallow turret to ever fire if team is in the way. The latter is going to cause complaint as well, when the turret decides to not shoot at an incoming enemy because a sliver of soldier is in the way, or when a queen is closing in, and it won’t fire up over soldier at her even though she’s going to stomp that soldier real soon, etc.

The “warning box” idea is workable, but I feel like that would quickly get annoying to deal with, as well as messing up the flow of the game.

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I have also noted that enemy AI, if it has the movement points, will intentionally move into a position to cause crossfire.

Finite, I got lucky on a play through and found a PP base and ended up with 3 technicians. Which was kinda awesome.

That IS lucky. I’m not sure how to feel about that ai. In one sense, I’m impressed, because I’m always happy to find a return fire crab and make him help me kill a sentinel… And it’s both awesome and disturbing that the ai uses the same tactics against us. Would feel kinda crappy being on the receiving end of that. Will need to mess with it more. I haven’t really run into it, but I was paranoid from the start, so I typically run my tech out to deploy the turret pretty far ahead of my team. It also acts as bait for melee crabs.